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ENJ ENJEnjin Coin Unite Los Angeles"Unite Los Angeles, October 23–25, 2018 JW Marriott and the Orpheum Theater." 2018-10-23 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies UN Blockchain ConferenceBlockchains for Sustainable Development is an event taking place at the UNCTAD World Investment Forum on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018. 2018-10-24 Source
EVR EVREverus AltCoin RepositoriesATM's of Cryptocurrencies running on our own payments network.Everus will appoint issuing partners to: Issue and distribute debit cards. 2018-10-30 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies Devcon4Devcon’s purpose-to serve the global community of Ethereum developers, designers and ecosystem-builders to connect, learn and share. 2018-10-30 Source
DRGN DRGNDragonchain Azure EnvironmentLaunch of the Commercial Azure Environment. 2018-10-31 Source
MED MEDMediBloc MediBloc Platform Beta"More advanced form of platform will be come out. MediBloc Core corresponding to Data Network will be released." 2018-10-31 Source
POE Asset Marketplace"The content marketplace launches with 20+ integrated publishers," by end of October 2018. 2018-10-31 Source
UBQ UBQUbiq ESCH Airdrop #3Escher Token distribution round 3 block 625,600 1:12 ESCH. 2018-10-31 Source
MWAT MWATRED MWAT World ExpansionStart of world expansion (public) planned for October 2018. 2018-10-31 Source
EVE EVEDevery Launch Of iOs AppLaunch of Devery app on iOs according to their roadmap 2018-10-31 Source
TES TESTeslaCoin Android & iOS WalletsTeslacoin is going to release their wallets for Android and iOS. 2018-10-31 Source
GOAL GOALGoalBonanza Public Mobile App ReleaseReleasing public mobile app and launching community support. 2018-10-31 Source
LIVE LIVELive Stars Beta 2.0Beta 2.0 release and model department creation. 2018-10-31 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies World Crypto ConferenceWorld Crypto Con is a one of a kind crypto conference that will fully immerse you in education, entertainment, and excitement. 2018-10-31 Source
AION AIONAion [TRS] Token Release #12The 12th & Final Release of the 6.25% of AION Tokens will be distributed from the [TRS] Token Release Schedule! It's Thanks "AION" Giving! 2018-11-09 Source
WAX WAXWAX Rating Contract"Rating contract," in first half of Q4 2018. 2018-11-15 Source
REBL REBLREBL Ubercart ModuleRetailers who have a shop based on the Ubercart e-commerce platform can now accept payments witg REBL 2018-11-15 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies Crypto Con AmsterdamCryptoCon will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on November 23-25. 2018-11-23 Source
CAT CATBitClave BlockchainExpo N.AmericaAlex Bessonov, the CEO of BitClave will be speaking at BlockchainExpo North America 2018-11-28 Source
GVT GVTGenesis Vision GVT @ London FX Week 2018Genesis Vision sponsors largest B2B event of Forex industry in London during Nov 2018. 2018-11-29 Source
ETC ETCEthereum Classic Full IOT CompatibilityFully IoT-compatible infrastructure of ETC 2018-11-30 Source
BTW BTWBitWhite Connecting Sidechain"Connecting Sidechain + Secure Sandbox. Opportunity to create decentralized applications on the BTW platform." 2018-11-30 Source
BAX BAXBABB App LaunchApp launch by end of Nov 2018. 2018-11-30 Source
WPR WPRWePower WePower Expanding"WePower operational in Spain, Estonia and Australia." 2018-11-30 Source
BTW BTWBitcoin White Connecting SidechainConnecting the sidechain and secure sandbox. 2018-11-30 Source
XVC XVCVcash Community Web PlatformCommunity Web Platform Full (Media publishing platform, Governance, Decentralized REITs) 2018-11-30 Source
STK STKSTK Fiat / Crypto Beta LaunchUS beta launch with fiat and crypto. 2018-11-30 Source
WPR WPRWePower First Public AuctionFirst public auction on WePower platform. 2018-11-30 Source
LOC LOCLockTrip Marketplace Translation"Translating 100% of marketplace content into French, Spanish and Portuguese." 2018-11-30 Source
XLM XLMStellar Lightning Network Livenet"Lightning Network on Stellar livenet." 2018-12-01 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies Digital Solar & StorageDigital Solar & Storage unites key European stakeholders in solar, energy storage and digitalisation from Dec 4-15 in Munich, Germany. 2018-12-04 Source
STORM STORMStorm Storm DropAirdrop for unsold tokens to encourage wider mass adoption. 2018-12-07 Source
REBL REBLREBL Yo!Kart ModuleRetailers who have a shop based on the Yo!Kart e-commerce platform will be able to accept payments with REBL 2018-12-15 Source
WAX WAXWAX Guild VotingGuild Voting feature will be released in Q4, 2018 2018-12-30 Source
BTW BTWBitWhite Connecting The DAPP Store"Connecting the DAPP Store." 2018-12-30 Source
TFD TFDTE-FOOD Extended Marketplace"TE-FOOD Marketplace extends logistical and food safety data, with trading possibilities with conditional smart contracting possibility." 2018-12-31 Source
RUPX RUPXRupaya Mobile Wallet ReleaseiOS & Android wallets will be released to the wider community! 2018-12-31 Source
QLC QLCQLINK Q4 Product Releases"Publish telecom public chain, publish Qlink Wallet, update development guideline and launch Qlink Basestation." 2018-12-31 Source
PFR PFRPayfair Application Integration"Integration of further applications," during Q3 and Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
TOMO TOMOTomoChain Q4 ReleasesExternal parties TomoChain solution, smart contract templates, decentralized exchange integration, and plasma framework smart contracts. 2018-12-31 Source
SHIFT SHIFTShift Business WhitepaperThis last and final white paper will present the main contents of the three preceding white papers in a less technical. 2018-12-31 Source
EXRN EXRNEXRNchain EXRT Network TestnetEXRT network testnet with EXRNchain gateway in Q3\Q4 2018. Building EXRT testnet with smart contracts\dApps. 2018-12-31 Source
DTA DTADATA Closed Beta LaunchClosed Beta launch of DATA on Yomob platform with most of its developers. 2018-12-31 Source
GAT GATGatcoin System Full LaunchGAT system full launch in December 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
SHIFT SHIFTShift Technical WhitepaperThe Technical White Paper is intended for a developer audience. Its content will be closer in nature to a Blue paper. 2018-12-31 Source
THETA THETATheta Token Public Devnet / MainnetWe will launch the Native Theta network on our new blockchain. Current Theta ERC20 tokens will be exchanged 1:1 for Theta blockchain tokens. 2018-12-31 Source
QASH QASHQASH Prime Brokerage Offering"Prime Brokerage Offering," by end of Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
NLC2 NLC2NoLimitCoin Beta Test Debit cardIn Q4 2018 the first beta test with NLC2 powered debit card will be available. 2018-12-31 Source
SENC SENCSentinel Chain CrossPay Release"CrossPay will go live in the first unbanked market." 2018-12-31 Source
SOC SOCAll Sports Beta Version ReleasedBeta version goes online and is open to users 2018-12-31 Source
SS SSSharder Multi-Chain Mining"Deploy Sharder Protocol on Conch network and Qtum Blockchain and private cloud" 2018-12-31 Source
ING INGIungo Beta Software PackageLaunch of beta which will include a billing layer. Focus on SME and enterprise sales as well as attracting consumers. 2018-12-31 Source
XN XNNodium DEX LaunchLaunch of Nodium Decentralized Exchange planned for Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
RHOC RHOCRChain RChain MainnetThe launch of Rchain's Mainnet is set for December, 2018. Please note that this can be changed. 2018-12-31 Source
ELA ELAElastos Elastos Chain Mining"The mining of elastos Chain and elastos ID Chain by external nodes will be open and accessible." 2018-12-31 Source
LOC LOCLockTrip 2Nd App Onboarding"On-boarding second application to the decentralized engine." 2018-12-31 Source
SHIP SHIPShipChain Web Platform V1 Release"Track & Trace platform allows carriers to develop their own sidechains. The first version of the ShipChain web platform is released." 2018-12-31 Source
PIX PIXLampix Database CompletionCompletion of the Lampix Database with one billion data sets. 2018-12-31 Source
BDG BDGBitDegree Sponsor Platform LaunchSponsor platform development and launch by end of December. 2018-12-31 Source
BZNT BZNTBezant Bezant AuthenticationBezant Authentication planned to be released in Q4. 2018-12-31 Source
BZNT BZNTBezant Blockchain WalletBlockchain Wallet planned to be released in Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
BZNT BZNTBezant Jehmi Marketing PlatformJehmi Marketing Platform planned to be released in Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
SLT SLTSmartlands Asset Backed Tokens"We consider 3-5 ABT (Asset Backed Tokens) offerings by the end of 2018 as expected scenario." 2018-12-31 Source
ETC ETCEthereum Classic Upgrade EVMUpgrade EVM (new opcodes and optimizations) 2018-12-31 Source
XLM XLMStellar SDEXThe Stellar Decentralized Exchange will be the world-class front-end that our underlying technology has long deserved. 2018-12-31 Source
GVT GVTGenesis Vision App Version 1.0 LaunchIn Q4 2018, Genesis Vision will launch app version 1.0. 2018-12-31 Source
NCASH NCASHNucleus Vision Southeast Asia Scaling"ION Sensors deployed: 5K Telecom Partnerships: 14 Neuron: Dynamic Campaign Platform Users Identified: 4 million" 2018-12-31 Source
KMD KMDKomodo Full Rebrand 2.0Full Rebrand 2.0 - 2nd half of 2018 2018-12-31 Source
FUN FUNFunFair Release Reporting ToolsFunFair will be releasing comprehensive operator reporting and administration tools. 2018-12-31 Source
WAX WAXWAX WAX Blockchain TokensHolders of the original token will receive the new token  and keep their existing ERC-20 token. 2018-12-31 Source
MUSIC MUSICMusicoin ROCKI Partnership"Each device is assigned a unique wallet address pre-loaded with $10 worth of Musicoin [...] by the end of 2018" 2018-12-31 Source
CMT CMTCyberMiles CyberMiles v1.0 Launch"5xlab to launch v1.0 of CyberMiles" 2018-12-31 Source
LINDA LINDALinda Desktop & Mobile WalletDesktop and mobile wallet app will be released to the public. 2018-12-31 Source
DRGN DRGNDragonchain Full PlatformFull Platform and Incubator roll out. 2018-12-31 Source
KEY KEYSelfkey Desktop App BetaBeta launch of SelfKey desktop app 2018-12-31 Source
LEND LENDETHLend Other Altcoin LendingEthLend will add other altcoins & tokens for lending. 2018-12-31 Source
NEBL NEBLNeblio API Suite V2Implementation and delivery of Neblio API Suite v2 for enterprise customers. 2018-12-31 Source
ZIL ZILZilliqa Anchor Dapp ReleaseZIL anchor Dapp release by end of Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
WAN WANWanchain Wanchain 3.0Wanchain 3.0 - Integration with Bitcoin, Multi-Coin Wallet. 2018-12-31 Source
BLZ BLZBluzelle EinsteinRelease NoSQL documents, document collections with indices and partitions, and global and batch CRUD operations. 2018-12-31 Source
VIBE VIBEVIBE Full Platform ReleaseRelease to all VR/AR hardware platforms 2018-12-31 Source
GVT GVTGenesis Vision B2C Marketing CampaignMarketing B2C campaign launches to attract private investors and traders to platform, which will enter active phase in early 2019. 2018-12-31 Source
AMB AMBAmbrosus Mainnet V 2.0An enterprise-ready blockchain solution that powers dozens of real-world applications 2018-12-31 Source
AGI AGISingularityNET Infrastructure ReleaseRelease of a fully functional version of the SingularityNET infrastructure by the end of 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
DCN DCNDentacoin Insurance Testnet LaunchQ4 - 2018 - Dentacoin will release the Insurance Testnet 2018-12-31 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet DAPPS on XSN blockchainDAPPS will be built on the XSN blockchain in Q4. 2018-12-31 Source
IOST IOSTIOStoken V0.7 NikeDeployment of HUDS and supporting modules to testnet. 2018-12-31 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet Swaps Executed by MNXSN will trustlessly handle cross chain light swaps utilizing MN quorums and autonomously swap rewards into our XSN multi currency wallet. 2018-12-31 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet XSN MN WatchtowersMN Watchtowers are the backbone of our cross chain ecosystem and will allow for higher workload and extra profits for masternode owners. 2018-12-31 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet On Chain Scaling/ShardingStakeNet will incorporate sharding to raise tx throughputs allowed by the off chain lightning network to accomplish many of our goals. 2018-12-31 Source
XZC XZCZCoin Node PeersEncrypted communication between node peers 2018-12-31 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet XSN Enhanced PrivacyXSN will upgrade privacy in the StakeNet Ecosystem for our DEX, Staking Platform, and Multicurrency wallets solutions. 2018-12-31 Source
WPR WPRWePower Energy DistributionDistribution of donated energy to token holders. December, 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet Cold Storage ExchangingXSN will implement cold storage exchanging, to execute trades and convert assets with complete security provided by hardware wallets. 2018-12-31 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet XSN Enabling CCPoSStakeNet (XSN) will implement Cross Chain Proof of Stake, allowing you to stake coin X and receive rewards in coin X, Y or Z. 2018-12-31 Source
SWTH SWTHSwitcheo WAN Cross-Swap FeatureCross-swap feature using SWH and Wanchain by end of Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
BPT BPTBlockport BPT 3.0 Beta ReleaseBlockport beta 3.0 will be released, supporting most popular ERC-20 tokens(100+). Full ownership for our members to store funds "on-chain". 2018-12-31 Source
TKY TKYTHEKEY MainNet LaunchIn December, TKY will launch their main net bringing a decentralized ecosystem of identity verification backed by the Chinese Government. 2018-12-31 Source
PIVX PIVXPIVX U2F IntegrationAccess to your PIVX wallet can be protected by both password and U2F security key, effectively protecting against hackers and keylogger. 2018-12-31 Source
FUEL FUELEtherparty Release ThreeContract Templates And Library, Front end Updates, Mobile App, Team Features 2018-12-31 Source
PIVX PIVXPIVX I2P NetworkI2P is an anonymizing network that uses a fully decentralized peer-to-peer model. 2018-12-31 Source
NAS NASNebulas V.2 & SE Function ReleaseV. 2.0 Self-evolution Function Release 2018-12-31 Source
PIVX PIVXPIVX Elastic Block SizesBlock size adjusts on demand to ensure the fastest transactions possible, even during peak periods and network attacks. 2018-12-31 Source
PIVX PIVXPIVX Dandelion ProtocolDandelion Protocol makes senders’ IP addresses virtually untraceable. 2018-12-31 Source
POA POAPOA Network Multiple PoA NetworksOracles Networks becomes a platform with multiple PoA networks connected by interledger protocols. 2018-12-31 Source
MANA MANADecentraland Open VR-world for PublicOpening of the Decentraland virtual reality metaverse (VR-world, Genesis city) for all users. 2018-12-31 Source
PCL PCLPeculium AIEVE goes LIVEPeculium’s AIEVE is the first-ever Artificially intelligent trading engine developed for cryptocurrency markets. 2018-12-31 Source
COLX COLXColossusCoinXT Launch MarketplaceA marketplace to buy and sell products and services with COLX will be launched in Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
PCL PCLPeculium Apps for Mobile PlatformApplications for Mobile Platform (Android, iOS). 2018-12-31 Source
PCL PCLPeculium Real-time DashboardFree platform with basic analytics tools for individuals, for Corporates: add. features/access to ML tools. 2018-12-31 Source
PCL PCLPeculium LaunchICO and Crypto-Rating Agency Launch. 2018-12-31 Source
PCL PCLPeculium Native Wallet ReleasePECULIUM Native Wallet Release. 2018-12-31 Source
COLX COLXColossusCoinXT Launch NetworksMultiple anonymity-centric networks (such as TOR/I2P network) and stealth adresses will be implemented in Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
AIX AIXAigang V2.0 Platform ReleaseRelease v2.0. Machine learning, real-time pricing algorithm, analytical platform, tokenised Insurance risk pools. 2018-12-31 Source
TIO TIOTrade Token is an exchange that will be trading assets other than cryptos too. So it's having an IPO in December of 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
SHIFT SHIFTShift Financial WhitepaperThis paper will present the academic findings of our research collaboration for developing Shift’s smart revenue model. 2018-12-31 Source
REBL REBLREBL Zen Cart ModuleRetailers that have a shop based on the Zen Cart e-commerce platform will be able to accept REBL 2019-01-15 Source
CV CVcarVertical API Product LaunchAPI product planned to launch around January 2019. 2019-01-31 Source
WPR WPRWePower Further Expansion"Further expansion," in Jan 2019. 2019-01-31 Source
UBQ UBQUbiq ESCH Airdrop #4Escher token distribution round 4. 2019-01-31 Source
WPR WPRWePower Balancing & Regulation"Stage 2: Balancing and frequency regulation," in Feb 2019. 2019-02-28 Source
POE E-book platform is set to release an open source e-book metadata format, similar to, but less expensive than today's ISBN codes. 2019-02-28 Source
TBAR TBARTitanium BAR VORDEX ReleaseVORDEX to be released on February 28th. 2019-02-28 Source
NCASH NCASHNucleus Vision North American LaunchThe launch of Nucleus' product in North America is scheduled for Q1, 2019 with an estimated 25,000 ION sensors deployed. 2019-03-31 Source
IOST IOSTIOStoken V0.9 HermesDeploying IOSVM to the testnet. 2019-03-31 Source
BPT BPTBlockport BPT 3.0 Full ReleaseBlockport 3.0 will be fully released for all members, supporting most popular cryptocurrencies and tokens. 2019-03-31 Source
PCL PCLPeculium SOLIDUS DeploymentSolidus: your funds fully managed by AIEVE with capital guaranteed, access for Individuals & Corporates. 2019-03-31 Source
AIX AIXAigang V3.0 Platform ReleaseRelease v3.0. Insurance Investments OTC trading platform, Insurance products development SDK. 2019-03-31 Source
UTK UTKUTRUST 1000+ MerchantsPlatform Refinements & Expansion. 1000+ Merchants. Progressive hiring of mediators. 2019-03-31 Source
EXRN EXRNEXRNchain EXRNchain Alpha ReleaseAlpha release of EXRNchain 0.1 on the testnet. Alpha testing, audition of issues. 2019-03-31 Source
ING INGIungo Multi Cell ServiceMulti cell service gateway communications and independent providers scale globally. 2019-03-31 Source
BZNT BZNTBezant Bezant ScanBezant Scan to be released in Q1 2019. 2019-03-31 Source
BZNT BZNTBezant Jehmi PayJehmi Pay planned to be released in Q1 2019. 2019-03-31 Source
BZNT BZNTBezant Jehmi Mobile WalletJehmi Mobile Wallet planned to be released in Q1 2019. 2019-03-31 Source
IOST IOSTIOStoken Security AuditTesting and security audit of the IOS network. 2019-06-30 Source
NCASH NCASHNucleus Vision Scale Retail Phase"ION Sensors deployed: 55K Telecom Partnerships: 26 Neuron: O2O Attribution Users Identified: 33 million" 2019-06-30 Source
AIX AIXAigang V4.0 Platform ReleaseRelease v4.0. Fully autonomous Insurance DAO. 2019-06-30 Source
EXRN EXRNEXRNchain EXRNchain Beta ReleaseBeta version of EXRNchain is released on the public EXRT testnet, connecting with public testnets of other blockchains. 2019-06-30 Source
ING INGIungo Secure LayerSecure layer overlay from router to destination via optional VPN services providing enhanced security, anonymity and freedom from censorship 2019-06-30 Source
IOST IOSTIOStoken V1.0 AthenaOfficial release of the IOS network. 2019-09-30 Source
NCASH NCASHNucleus Vision Physical Security"ION Sensors deployed: 85K Telecom Partnerships: 40 Neuron: Directive controls Users Identified: 54 million" 2019-09-30 Source
PRL PRLOyster JavaScript DAppsAfter the web node mesh net has matured, decentralized JavaScript applications can be easily written and executed on the Oyster network. 2019-12-31 Source
HPB HPBHigh Performance Blockchain V2.0 LaunchAfter two years of development, HPB will launch the official version. 2019-12-31 Source
WAN WANWanchain Wanchain 4.0 ReleaseWanchain 4.0, which introduces private chains integration and multi-coin wallet, released in Dec 2019. 2019-12-31 Source
IOST IOSTIOStoken DApps LaunchDApps launched to IOS network. 2019-12-31 Source
IOST IOSTIOStoken Network OptimizationOptimization with Machine Learning Implementation. 2019-12-31 Source
NCASH NCASHNucleus Vision Preventive Controls"ION Sensors deployed: 130K Telecom Partnerships: 45 Neuron: Preventive controls Users Identified: 90 million" 2019-12-31 Source
ING INGIungo B2B PartnershipsBusiness partnerships with legacy Enterprises and new DAOs. Expansion through integration/synergies with other Dapps. 2019-12-31 Source
CMPCO CMPCOCampusCoin Campuscoin ATMsInstallation of CampusCoin ATMs will be available, allowing nearly instant, direct transfers between CampusCoin and fiat currency 2020-12-31 Source
KCS KCSKuCoin Shares 70M locked KCS releasedThe 70M KCS issued by the founders in the first phase should be subject to a four-year lock-up period from Sep 2nd, 2017 to Sep 2nd 2021. 2021-09-01 Source