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Events calendar

Период: Выбрать валюту
Symbol Name Event Date Source
TRAC TRACOriginTrail Lunar Orbiter v1.0b-RC"V2 of payment mechanism with testnet tokens. V2 of consensus check with privacy layer (zk)." 2018-06-18 Source
BDG BDGBitDegree EdTechX EuropeBDG co-founder Danielius Staltiulis will speak at one of the most prestigious edtech conferences in Europe. 2018-06-18 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies BAIConf LondonBlockchain Alternative Investment Conference and Exhibition from Jun 18-19 at 8 Northumberland in London. 2018-06-18 Source
ENJ ENJEnjin Coin Unite Berlin"Unite Berlin, June 19–21, 2018 STATION Berlin." 2018-06-19 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies Intersolar EuropeIntersolar Europe is the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners. It takes place annually in Munich, Germany. 2018-06-20 Source
AMB AMBAmbrosus Crypto Valley Conference"The 1st blockchain conference driving progress through academic excellence," from Jun 20-22 in Zug, Switzerland. 2018-06-20 Source
QRL QRLQuantum Resistant Ledger CryptoValley ConferenceQRL will be sending 4 people to the CryptoValley Conference in Zug, Switzerland in June. 2018-06-20 Source
LOC LOCLockTrip Affiliate Platform Launch"Affiliate platform launch with multi-level incentives for referring travelers and hosts." 2018-06-20 Source
BTC BTCBitcoin Blockchain & Bitcoin CON"The first international conference in Georgia dedicated to earning on blockchain tech, cryptocurrencies and ICO." 2018-06-20 Source
RNS RNSRenos Android Wallet Release"Android wallet should be ready mid June...." 2018-06-20 Source
TRX TRXTRON Migration from ERC20The migration from ERC20 tokens to TRX, the cryptocurrency on Tron’s public blockchain, will begin on June 21,2018 (GMT+8). 2018-06-21 Source
TRX TRXTRON Bittrex SupportBittrex is supporting the TRON blockchain upgrade on June 21st. 2018-06-21 Source
TEL TELTelcoin Japan Tech SummitThe Japan Tech Leaders Summit is an international, invitation-only, event that brings together international innovators and investors. 2018-06-21 Source
TRX TRXTRON Bitfinex SupportBitfinex is supporting the TRON blockchain upgrade on June 21st. 2018-06-21 Source
TRX TRXTRON will support TRON Mainnet Migration. All TRX tokens will be swapped to mainnet asset. 2018-06-21 Source
TRX TRXTRON Binance SupportBinance is supporting the TRON blockchain upgrade on June 21st. 2018-06-21 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies Dogecon 2018Dogecon 2018 will be an absurdist celebration of cryptoeconomics and meme culture in Vancouver, BC from June 21-24. 2018-06-21 Source
EMD EMDEmerald Crypto Block Reward HalvingBlock reward halving will take place on June 21st. 2018-06-21 Source
GRS GRSGroestlcoin Major Development Release"Next major Groestlcoin development release." 2018-06-22 Source
CND CNDCindicator Webit FestivalCindicator co-founder and CTO, Yuri Lobynstev, will be speaking at the Webit Festival Europe 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria from Jun 25-27. 2018-06-25 Source
REBL REBLREBL Wallet For AndroidWe’ll finish work on a mobile wallet for Android users. Store your REBL safely on your mobile running on Android 2018-06-25 Source
TRX TRXTRON Super RepresentativesSuper representatives for the Tron mainnet will be elected by the community. 2018-06-26 Source
OCN OCNOdyssey Tron ElectionOdyssey is candidate for the Tron Super Representative election held on June 26, 2018. 2018-06-26 Source
CCRB CCRBCryptoCarbon Blockchain SummitSubash Manuel, CEO & Founder of CCRB, will be speaking at this year's Blockchain Summit event at OLYMPIA, LONDON. 2018-06-27 Source
ACT ACTAchain Blockchain Expo EuropeBlockchain Expo Europe 2018 from June 27th-June 28th. Achain will be attending as Gold Sponsors. 2018-06-27 Source
CAS CASCashaa Empire Fintech ConferenceKumar Gaurav will speak at Empire Fintech Conference, Toronto, about Blockchain: The rise of a new internet era. 2018-06-27 Source
LSK LSKLisk Distribute 2018Max Kordek, Lisk's founder, will be a guest speaker at Distribute 2018 and talk on how to effectively utilize blockchain technology 2018-06-28 Source
OAX OAXOAX OpenANX Prototype ReleaseopenANX (OAX) prototype release 2018-06-28 Source
CVC CVCCivic TokenMarket Conference"World leading experts in blockchain, tokenisation and investing will present their views on the current global ecosystem..." 2018-06-28 Source
NLG NLGGulden PoW^2 Launch"PoW² (including SegSig and Sonic) release date: 28.06.18." 2018-06-28 Source
SGR SGRSugar Exchange SugarBot ImplementationSugarBot implementation revolutionizing the way we trade crypto. 2018-06-29 Source
BTC BTCBitcoin CME: June Last TradeLast trade date / contract expiration of: 2018 JUNE BTC Futures contract / @CME exchange/marketplace / Trading terminates 4:00 p.m. GMT 2018-06-29 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies Blockchain: Rethink TrustThe Blockchain: Rethink Trust conference is a gathering of top experts in engineering and ecosystem-minded leaders in Amsterdam. 2018-06-29 Source
ETC ETCEthereum Classic Release Mobile WalletPoC of new StateDB layer & Emerald Mobile Wallet 2018-06-30 Source
ZEC ZECZcash Network Upgrade 0"focused entirely on making itself and future network upgrades safer for users, even in the case of governance contention" 2018-06-30 Source
ICX ICXICON ICX / ETH DEX LaunchICX/ETH Decentralized exchange 2018-06-30 Source
OMG OMGOmiseGO Honte - Network Preparati"Honte (OmiseGO network preparation for Plasma) is currently on course to be delivered in Q1 to Q2 of 2018" 2018-06-30 Source
LSK LSKLisk Custom TokensLisk is going to launch Custom tokens & dApp registration. 2018-06-30 Source
EBST EBSTeBoost New ExchangesListing on more major exchanges before the end of Q2 2018-06-30 Source
NPXS NPXSPundi X Expanding To MarketsPundi X will enter Canadian , US market Set up branch in Phillippines, Vietnan, Japan 2018-06-30 Source
DENT DENTDent Launching Exchange WebappDENT Exchange trading desk on the Web. 2018-06-30 Source
STRAT STRATStratis Full Node Mainnet BetaFull Node GUI Mainnet Beta release built on feedback from Alpha release on December. 2018-06-30 Source
DIM DIMDIMCOIN HYBSE ListingDimcoin on HYBSE (hybrid stock exchange). 2018-06-30 Source
DGB DGBDigiByte Artis Turba ListingArtis Turba exchange releases in June, partnered with and listing DGB. 2018-06-30 Source
STRAT STRATStratis Breeze Privacy ProtocolThe Breeze Wallet with Privacy Protocol has progressed through various internal test phases that focused on further testing of the protocol. 2018-06-30 Source
XVG XVGVerge Verge Social NetworkVerge social network will be launched in Q2 2018 . 2018-06-30 Source
STRAT STRATStratis Academy Courses"Courses continue to be developed for the Stratis Academy and will be released during this [Q1 & Q2] period." 2018-06-30 Source
TEL TELTelcoin 10 Mobile Networks"Our international expansion in both the developing and developed world will bring us to at least ten telcos." 2018-06-30 Source
BPT BPTBlockport BPT 1.0 Full ReleaseBlockport 1.0 full release, supporting: Bitcoin and Ethereum + Blockport 2.0 Beta release 2018-06-30 Source
DENT DENTDent New Data OperatorsLaunch Korean operators and first MVNO partners. 2018-06-30 Source
TEL TELTelcoin Mobile Money Transfers"Support of transfers between Telcoin and Mobile Money, including proof of concept demonstration for at least five countries," by end of Q2. 2018-06-30 Source
DENT DENTDent Global Prepaid Tip-UpsDent becomes a currency for mobile to mobile. 2018-06-30 Source
NCASH NCASHNucleus Vision Grow TelCo Partnerships"ION Sensors deployed: 250 Telecom Partnerships: 6 Neuron: Dynamic Pricing Users Identified: 250K" 2018-06-30 Source
HTML HTMLHTMLCOIN Poma PlatformAfter Q1 beta testing. Poma project will be released on Q2 2018, a platform that works as a free webshop for companies, and freelancers. 2018-06-30 Source
FUN FUNFunFair Gambling LicenseAchieve gambling licensure in the United Kingdom, Malta and Gibraltar. 2018-06-30 Source
WAX WAXWAX Implement WAX DPOS"Implement WAX DPOS on Guild Node." 2018-06-30 Source
NPX NPXNaPoleonX Asset Management LicenceNapoleonx will receive an asset management licence by the French SEC named AMF. 2018-06-30 Source
DASH DASHDash Dash Evolution v1Evolution v1 - Mainnet (June 2018) 2018-06-30 Source
CMPCO CMPCOCampusCoin Major Exchange"A major milestone for the CampusCoin team during the second fiscal quarter of 2018 is to be listed on a major cryptocurrency exchange. " 2018-06-30 Source
ESP ESPEspers Xnodes, Sidechains, MailESPERS roadmap plans to release Xnodes, Sidechains and Mailing System in Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
WAX WAXWAX Crypto Collectibles"Crypto Collectibles Marketplace." - Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
CMPCO CMPCOCampusCoin POS Implementation"Important task.. second quarter of 2018 is the completion of the pre-development stage for Proof-of-Stake." 2018-06-30 Source
FUN FUNFunFair Publishing API DocsFunFair will be publishing API documentation and sample games and contracts. 2018-06-30 Source
CMPCO CMPCOCampusCoin Beta Launch"Our main technological goal for the second fiscal quarter of 2018 is to have a beta release of our mobile app." 2018-06-30 Source
APPC APPCAppCoins Aptoide LaunchRollout of AppCoins on Aptoide App Store, as well as on other app stores that joined. 2018-06-30 Source
NEBL NEBLNeblio Enterprise Marketing"Enterprise marketing campaign creation to drive the initial adoption of Neblio blockchain technology in the business environment" 2018-06-30 Source
GUP GUPMatchpool Match Making JapanMatch making Japan 2018-06-30 Source
WABI WABIWaBi Walimai MasternodesBefore June 30th, Wabi will launch the Walimai Masternodes. 2018-06-30 Source
GUP GUPMatchpool New PartnershipNew partnership announcement 2018-06-30 Source
PCL PCLPeculium AIEVE Beta LaunchPeculium’s AIEVE is the first-ever artificially intelligent trading engine developed for cryptocurrency markets. 2018-06-30 Source
XDN XDNDigitalNote Proof of Activity"Extra layer of security, scalability and resistance for XDN blockchain. Can be described as Proof-of-Work + Proof-of-stake. ETA Q2 2018." 2018-06-30 Source
LEND LENDETHLend Bitcoin LendingLEND adding Bitcoin lending to DAPP by end of Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
OST OSTSimple Token ostWALLETOur consumer-facing wallet for transacting within and across OST-powered Branded Token economies. 2018-06-30 Source
ZIL ZILZilliqa Testnet v2.0ZIL releases its testnet v2.0 by end of Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
DBC DBCDeepBrain Chain Alpha+Beta Reward System"Release Alpha and Beta tests of the Community Contribution & Reward System on the official website of DeepBrain Chain." 2018-06-30 Source
DBC DBCDeepBrain Chain Starting CooperationStarting cooperation with at least 1 famous university or organization on blockchain or AI. 2018-06-30 Source
ELIX ELIXElixir Mobile App Beta TestMobile app beta test, a private closed beta launched to public, released by end of Q2. 2018-06-30 Source
DBC DBCDeepBrain Chain Integration of DBC AIFinishing integration of DBC AI Testnet with blockchain. 2018-06-30 Source
DBC DBCDeepBrain Chain Testing DBC NetworkFinishing development and testing of the internal DBC network environment. 2018-06-30 Source
ELIX ELIXElixir Mobile App Public ReleasePublic release of mobile app to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. 2018-06-30 Source
PHR PHRPhore Segwit LaunchIn Q2 2018 Phore will launch Segregated Witness allowing more flexibility in the Phore blockchain, such as smart contracts. 2018-06-30 Source
RADS RADSRadium Swap to Stratis"[...] porting the Radium Core wallet to a Stratis codebase. [...] we would like to have this ready in the first half of 2018" 2018-06-30 Source
QLC QLCQLINK Q2 Product ReleasesPublish SMS/Wi-Fi SDK, mobile date and content distribution MVP, and mobile data billing smart contract by end of Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
QASH QASHQASH Official LIQUID LaunchThe launch of the official platform 2018-06-30 Source
VSX VSXVsync Ad CampaignAd campaign in Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
THC THCHempCoin MasternodesMasternodes coming in Q2 2018 2018-06-30 Source
VSX VSXVsync Merchandise AcceptanceMerchandise acceptance is listed in the roadmap. 2018-06-30 Source
VSX VSXVsync Listing on ExchangesListing on exchanges in Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
LEND LENDETHLend 25% DiscountUsing Lend gives a 25% discount. 2018-06-30 Source
QLC QLCQLINK MVP Publish"Publish mobile data & content distribution MVP." 2018-06-30 Source
KEY KEYSelfkey Re-use KYC Components"Support re-use of select KYC components for Relying Parties." 2018-06-30 Source
IFT IFTInvestFeed Exchange Intergration"Integration of a digital asset wallet, as well as connectivity with exchanges for platform features." 2018-06-30 Source
IFT IFTInvestFeed FEED Token RolloutSupport for FEED token capabilities by end of Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
WAN WANWanchain Wanchain 2.0Wanchain 2.0 - Integration with Ethereum and Multi-Coin Wallet. 2018-06-30 Source
LEND LENDETHLend Penalties & RefinancingPenalties for late payment & refinancing. 2018-06-30 Source
HPB HPBHigh Performance Blockchain HPB MainNet Release(v1.1)HPB High Performance Blockchain Mainnet to be launched in Q2, 2018 2018-06-30 Source
KEY KEYSelfkey Integration Work Begins"Integration work begins with select crypto asset product provider partners." 2018-06-30 Source
IFT IFTInvestFeed Trending Assets SignalsPortfolio importing and watchlist creation beta launch by end of Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
LEND LENDETHLend GateawayGateaway for decentralized providers (Uport, Civic) to DCR. 2018-06-30 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet Dedicated MasternodesDedicated Masternode Network. 2018-06-30 Source
DRGN DRGNDragonchain Commercialized DashboardCommercialized Dashboard & Marketplace 2018-06-30 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet Staking on Ledger Nano SStakeNet (XSN) will enable TPoS Staking from the Ledger Nano S in Q2. Waiting for Ledger integration. 2018-06-30 Source
VTC VTCVertcoin LITbox MVP LaunchAiming for a [LITbox] MVP by the end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
TAU TAULamden Clove BETA Launch"Clove will be released in beta to select partners who will test its functionality and report bugs back to us ." 2018-06-30 Source
1337 1337Elite Elite Paper Wallet"Develop paper wallet generator" 2018-06-30 Source
CRPT CRPTCrypterium Mobile App LaunchThe Crypterium Mobile app will come out in the first half of 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
LBC LBCLBRY Credits In App Coinbase WidgetA Coinbase Buy Widget in the LBRY app which enables Coinbase users to purchase BTC/LTC/ETH and convert it into LBRY Credits. 2018-06-30 Source
BUZZ BUZZBuzzCoin Implement BC-HMD FunctionBC-HMD function implementation planned by end of Q2. 2018-06-30 Source
BUZZ BUZZBuzzCoin BUZZCore UpgradeBUZZCore upgrade planned by end of Q2. 2018-06-30 Source
RDD RDDReddCoin Tracking WebpageRelease of webpage for tracking network metrics ( by end of Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
MTH MTHMonetha Public App Release"Get excited for the public release of Monetha’s app at the end of June. " 2018-06-30 Source
LMC LMCLoMoCoin Fiat PairingFiat pairing is implemented in the Token2Token feature . 2018-06-30 Source
LMC LMCLoMoCoin Wallet & Explorer UpgradeCurrent public blockchain, wallet and explorer upgrades . 2018-06-30 Source
ELTCOIN ELTCOINELTCOIN Beta Program LaunchELTCARD beta program launch. 2018-06-30 Source
NXC NXCNexium Game Design ChangesGame balance patches, six new skills introduced and new mother ship. 2018-06-30 Source
BTG BTGBitcoin Gold Lightning NetworkFully implemented Lightning Network on BTG in Q2. It also lays the groundwork for developments, like RSK sidechains with Smart Contracts. 2018-06-30 Source
BUZZ BUZZBuzzCoin Major PartnershipsAnnouncing major business partnerships for the BC-HMD production. 2018-06-30 Source
VIBE VIBEVIBE First VR PerformancesFirst of many VR performances live on beta platform using the VIBE currency 2018-06-30 Source
RDD RDDReddCoin WebsocketsElectrum server websockets enabled and new interface for interacting with Electrum servers by end of Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
RDD RDDReddCoin Integrated WalletIntegrated Electrum wallet release. 2018-06-30 Source
TAU TAULamden Whitepaper Addendum"Upon the conclusion of our whitepaper blog series, we will release our new updated whitepaper that will elaborate on increased scope." 2018-06-30 Source
RDD RDDReddCoin Public FoundationCreation of Reddcoin LLC (US) as public foundational entity (provides a legal entity to allow the transacting with other legal entities). 2018-06-30 Source
BUZZ BUZZBuzzCoin Masternode InfoMasternode specifications release. 2018-06-30 Source
NXC NXCNexium Growth Programs"Tournament launch in conjunction with spectator mode update." 2018-06-30 Source
BTG BTGBitcoin Gold Debit Card ProgramBitcoin Gold users will be able to interact with legacy (non-crypto) systems and traditional merchants in indirect ways. 2018-06-30 Source
DCN DCNDentacoin Payment ProcessorsStarting in Q2, 2018 payment processors will be added to UPcoin, allowing users to make deposits/withdrawals using fiat money.” - UPcoin 2018-06-30 Source
STRAT STRATStratis Sidechains Alpha ReleaseSidechains alpha release by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
PURE PUREPure Platforms for PurePlatforms for Pure will be releases in Q2, 2018 2018-06-30 Source
ACT ACTAchain New WhitepaperIn Q2 2018, Achain will release a new whitepaper. 2018-06-30 Source
PURE PUREPure Atomic SwapsAtomic Swaps will be released in Q2, 2018 2018-06-30 Source
PURE PUREPure launch in Q2, 2018 2018-06-30 Source
ONT ONTOntology ONT ID ReleaseOntology distributed identity framework (ONT ID) release. 2018-06-30 Source
TRIG TRIGTriggers Blocksafe June Updates"Prepare for public exchange testing for TrigX crypto exchanges and continued testing of Trigxchange..." 2018-06-30 Source
TRAC TRACOriginTrail Test Network LaunchOriginTrail will launch test network , with first open call for use cases. 2018-06-30 Source
ACT ACTAchain Bass Scalable NetworkAchain splits into multiple sub-chains to meet the needs of different applications. 2018-06-30 Source
LUN LUNLunyr Iphone and Android App"After the release of the Desktop dapps, we plan on releasing Lunyr on Iphone and Android." 2018-06-30 Source
XLR XLRSolaris Payments IntegrationBy end of Q2, "Integration of Solaris with crypto payment system like coinspayments/coingate." 2018-06-30 Source
ONT ONTOntology Verfiable Claim ProtocolVerifiable claim protocol release. 2018-06-30 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet StakeNet Lightning UpdateBefore end of Q2, StakeNet (XSN) will update to lightning network, allowing near instant transactions and even lower fees. 2018-06-30 Source
SPF SPFSportyCo First Investment"First investment of the SportyFi Professional Fund into a generation of potential sports superstars in Q2 2018." 2018-06-30 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet Launch of StakeNet.ioBefore end of Q2, StakeNet will be launching the staking platform You will be able to stake all your PoS coins in one place. 2018-06-30 Source
WGR WGRWagerr eSportsWagerr expands to include e-sports — competitive multiplayer professional video games and tournaments. 2018-06-30 Source
IOST IOSTIOStoken EDS and PoB Testing"Implementing and testing EDS and PoB on the test net (v0.5 Janus)." 2018-06-30 Source
XLR XLRSolaris Wallet UpdateComplete visual overhaul of the Solaris core wallet. 2018-06-30 Source
MED MEDMediBloc MediBloc Platform AlphaPlatform Alpha + HL7 CDA, DICOM support 2018-06-30 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet Segwit Update - Q2 (XSN)StakeNet (XSN) will be updating to Segwit by end of Q2. 2018-06-30 Source
AMB AMBAmbrosus Marketplace LaunchAmbrosus will merge the work done on Crossroads and its Marketplace to release a production-ready platform. 2018-06-30 Source
SPF SPFSportyCo Professional Fund Launch"Launch of the SportyFi Professional Fund, setting up the professional Advisory Board in Q2 2018" 2018-06-30 Source
VEN VENVeChain Testing & Code OpenBeta/public testing and source code open by end of June. 2018-06-30 Source
FUN FUNFunFair Announce Games Developer"Announce and start integration of first 3rd party games developer." 2018-06-30 Source
PIVX PIVXPIVX zDEX ReleaseThe PIVX Core wallet will provide a fully decentralized and anonymous exchange for zPIV and Bitcoin. 2018-06-30 Source
FUN FUNFunFair First OperatorAiming to go live with first operator by the close of Q2. 2018-06-30 Source
SNOV SNOVSnovio Data Enrichment"Receive a full profile of a person or a company by enriching partial data through API and Snovio app." 2018-06-30 Source
FUN FUNFunFair Original Slot Games"This [games developer integration] will coincide with the release of more original FunFair slot games and updates to existing offerings." 2018-06-30 Source
SNOV SNOVSnovio Email TemplatesBy end of Q2, "Email templates for cold emailing. Best selection of email templates that convert in various niches." 2018-06-30 Source
LOOM LOOMLoom Network Beta Release Of Loom SDK"1.0 public beta release — The SDK will be opened up for all developers to use." 2018-06-30 Source
EOS EOSEOS Everipedia Airdrop"Everipedia IQ token airdrop to EOS holders scheduled for June 2018." 2018-06-30 Source
WABI WABIWaBi Mobile App Launch V3Update v3 of mobile app is expected to occur in Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
ABT ABTArcblock First Application Launch"Launch the first decentralized consumer application built on ArcBlock with development partners," by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
COLX COLXColossusCoinXT COLX In-Wallet VotingImplementing a user-friendly In-wallet voting and proposals system for the community. 2018-06-30 Source
SNOV SNOVSnovio is a new platform which will reward people to create a profile and be contacted by businesses. 2018-06-30 Source
FUEL FUELEtherparty Release TwoContract Templates And Library, Enterprise Solution, Mobile App, Notifications and Oracle System 2018-06-30 Source
SUMO SUMOSumokoin "Bulletproofs" Implement.Reduce blockchain size down to 70%-80% compared to current implementation. 2018-06-30 Source
NAV NAVNavCoin Cold Staking"Allowing for NAV, which are stored offline, to sign staking inputs that greatly increase the security of funds used for staking." 2018-06-30 Source
ONION ONIONDeepOnion Launch of DeepSend"The Launch of DeepSend - our next level in blockchain anonymity in crypto world." 2018-06-30 Source
DAT DATDatum Platform Launch"The launch of the Datum Main Network marks the start of the new data economy." 2018-06-30 Source
CXO CXOCargoX NVOCC - Smart B/L dAppThey have already signed contract an NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier - one of top 10 in the world) for the test trial. 2018-06-30 Source
XTZ XTZTezos (Pre-Launch) Betanet LaunchTezos betanet launch planned by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
COV COVCovesting Quarter Two ReleasesRisk management and reporting system integration, platform Improvements, mobile app, licensing, and COVESTING Headquarters setup in London. 2018-06-30 Source
CAT CATBitClave BASE Ecosystem ReleaseMajor BASE Ecosystem Release by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
AXP AXPaXpire Resolvr Release"Release updated of Resolvr incorporating Distributed Ledger Technology," in Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
SNM SNMSONM Various FeaturesArbitrage and various features pack (former v0.5 VIRT). Features include: Arbitrage, deal- and dispute-solving system DAO and fees payouts. 2018-06-30 Source
PARETO PARETOPareto Network Open API"Open API for developers," by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
TIO TIOTrade Token License AcquiredSwiss banking license to be acquired by end of July 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
GNO GNOGnosis Gnosis Dutch ExchangeAfter facing some limitations in other exchanges, we decided to create a decentralized exchange for ERC-20 tokens based on the Dutch auction 2018-06-30 Source
TRST TRSTWeTrust DApp Rebrand"In Q2, you can look forward to our TLC dApp rebranding that will happen alongside our targeted user testing and acquisition campaigns." 2018-06-30 Source
TFD TFDTE-FOOD Cattle Tracking"Cattle tracking will be implemented in TE-FOOD." 2018-06-30 Source
SHIFT SHIFTShift Blockchain IntegrationThe usage of the IPFS storage layer (the Shift-cluster) will be controlled by blockchain technology. 2018-06-30 Source
TFD TFDTE-FOOD Establish Global Offices"TE-FOOD offices are established in 2 target countries." 2018-06-30 Source
DTA DTADATA Prototype TestingDATA first prototype initial testing including DTA distribution system 2018-06-30 Source
GAT GATGatcoin GATexchange Public LaunchGAT exchange public launch during Jun 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
PARETO PARETOPareto Network Institutional PartnershipUndisclosed institutional partnership announcement. 2018-06-30 Source
PARETO PARETOPareto Network Credit Card Purchases"Credit Card retail purchases with smart contract + address signing behind the scenes," by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
PARETO PARETOPareto Network Dashboard GUI"Re-Implement visual dashboard GUI on par with the Alpha design (profile info, nested content, upstream content)," by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
RUPX RUPXRupaya Governance EnabledGovernance enabled on Rupaya blockchain, enabling it to become a digital autonomous organization by end of Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
MNX MNXMinexCoin MinexExchangeDecentralized MinexExchange Q2 2018 2018-06-30 Source
PARETO PARETOPareto Network Rewards Calculation"Add Rewards calculation to scoring algorithm," by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
BLZ BLZBluzelle Lovelace Release"We’ll regularly be putting out code on our Github over the next couple of months with the major usable release coming at the end of June." 2018-06-30 Source
TRST TRSTWeTrust Mobile dApp Compatibility"TLC mobile dApp browser compatibility." 2018-06-30 Source
TFD TFDTE-FOOD Produce Tracking"Tracking of fruits and vegetables will be implemented in TE-FOOD." 2018-06-30 Source
PARETO PARETOPareto Network Rewards Smart Contracts"Rewards smart contract," by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
ECA ECAElectra Boost AdoptionListings on more new exchanges. Further additions to merchant base. 2018-06-30 Source
BCX BCXBitcoinX Smart Contracts Release"Through our efforts, we are announcing that the smart contract will go live in June." 2018-06-30 Source
TOMO TOMOTomoChain Q2 ReleasesToken integration on testnet, reward engine implementation, TomoChain alpha public release, and spam/DDOS detection algorithm released. 2018-06-30 Source
RUPX RUPXRupaya Design Proposal Portal"Once governance is enabled a portal will be built for easy access to proposals submitted for voting on the blockchain." 2018-06-30 Source
WPR WPRWePower Breeze v1 Public ReleaseBreeze v1 public release in June 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
BCD BCDBitcoin Diamond Partnership With Kairex"Korea Exchange KAiREX will list BCD and open the pair of BCD which takes BCD as the basic currency." 2018-06-30 Source
KNC KNCKyber Network New UI/UX Features"Adding new UI/UX features in June 2018 as well as many more token pairs for greater trading options." 2018-06-30 Source
MNX MNXMinexCoin MinexMerchant PlatformMinexMerchant is a platform for adding MNX as a payment tool to any business, both offline and online. 2018-06-30 Source
TBAR TBARTitanium BAR Blockchain Beta Release"Titanium's Dedicated Blockchain Development Beta Release." 2018-06-30 Source
PFR PFRPayfair Mobile Application Launch"Mobile application launch," by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
KEY KEYSelfkey Exchanges MarketplaceExchanges Marketplace planned for Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
MNX MNXMinexCoin Debit CardsIn the middle of 2018 MinexSystems plan to issue Minexcoin debit cards which allow to pay in MNX around the world as a usual bank card. 2018-06-30 Source
PHR PHRPhore iOS Wallet ReleaseWallet release planned for iOS. 2018-06-30 Source
HVN HVNHive Hive Platform LaunchInvoice factoring platform release in Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
CAPP CAPPCappasity Website ReleaseNew website launched in June, merging all the current sites into one with a special section for 3rd party developers. 2018-06-30 Source
INPAY INPAYInPay Telegram Bot V2 ReleaseTelegram bot v2 release in late June. 2018-06-30 Source
ING INGIungo Alpha Version ReleaseAlpha version of software released. A swarm WiFi hotspots provides access via the service gateway. 2018-06-30 Source
ECA ECAElectra DevelopmentPayment gateway integration. Commence online merchant payment. API/Gateway development. 2018-06-30 Source
ORME ORMEOrmeus Coin Ormeus ATMORME roadmap plans to place its first ATM in Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
DIVX DIVXDivi DIVX to DIVIDIVX token swap to DIVI once the DIVI blockchain is released in early Q2 2018-06-30 Source
ELA ELAElastos Open Source Beta"The elastos ID service chain Open Beta will be published open source, supporting multilayered identity verification." 2018-06-30 Source
ORME ORMEOrmeus Coin Ormeus Debit CardORME roadmap plans to release its first debit card in Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
THETA THETATheta Token Initial TestnetP2P network code in this phase will be done in parallel with the P2P Mesh Streaming work. 2018-06-30 Source
CCRB CCRBCryptoCarbon Payment GatewayFull release version of Payment Gateway for CCRB 2018-06-30 Source
THETA THETATheta Token Testing Environment"We plan to complete the initial implementation of the PoS blockchain prototype based off Tendermint." 2018-06-30 Source
SPK SPKSparks App on iOS & Android"Development of applications on platforms iOS, Android. Preparation of all necessary documentation for the payment system." 2018-06-30 Source
THETA THETATheta Token PoC DemoUsers have the ability to simulate in a local sandbox how peer nodes in the Theta protocol cache and relay streams to other nodes. 2018-06-30 Source
BELA BELABela Belacam Gamma Full LaunchBelacam Gamma will open to the world to compete with other social media sites like Instagram and Steemit. Estimated Rollout: May - June 20. 2018-06-30 Source
EXY EXYExperty App Market ReleaseApplication market release. 2018-06-30 Source
LUX LUXLUXCoin Smart Contract & RewardSmart contract and reward change finished by end of Q2. 2018-06-30 Source
BNTY BNTYBounty0x Launch BNTY StakingIn Q2, Bounty0x will launch the BNTY staking mechanism. 2018-06-30 Source
RVR RVRRevolutionVR RVR Token Q2 ReleasesNew exchanges integration, wallet updates, ingame mobility, and RVR online wallets for backend usage work begins. 2018-06-30 Source
ORME ORMEOrmeus Coin 100 Petahash TargetORME plans to reach 100 petahash in Q2, 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
SS SSSharder Bean Cloud Beta"100 Businesses connected, Born Cloud connected," by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
SWTH SWTHSwitcheo QRC20 TradingLaunch of QRC20 trading by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
SS SSSharder Sharder Protocol"Realization of Sharder Protocol, Data-Sharding, full-node client terminals." 2018-06-30 Source
NLC2 NLC2NoLimitCoin Cricket AddingCricket will be added to the platform. 2018-06-30 Source
XSH XSHSHIELD PoS ROI Fixed"Unique proof quantum developed." 2018-06-30 Source
GOAL GOALGoalBonanza Public Launch"Public Launch for World Cup." 2018-06-30 Source
FTX FTXFintruX Network Alpha ReleaseFully functional version of the prototype deployed to production EVM with added functionality such as credit checks and scoring. 2018-06-30 Source
NLC2 NLC2NoLimitCoin Baseball AddingBaseBall added to the platform. 2018-06-30 Source
LNK LNKLink Platform Asset DiversificationLink portfolio is diversified with extra assets being integrated into platform such as Gold and Palladium 2018-06-30 Source
CPC CPCCPChain CPChain Open Source PdashCPChain will release the Open Source of Pdash in June. 2018-06-30 Source
LNK LNKLink Platform Platform ReleaseDecentralized Asset Trading Platform will go Live 2018-06-30 Source
REQ REQRequest Network Stonehenge ReleasesPrivacy proof of concept, currency management, request & transparency project and institutional payment request discussion groups by Q2 end. 2018-06-30 Source
HOLD HOLDInterstellar Holdings Second Investment"Second Investment Released with details." 2018-06-30 Source
CSNO CSNOBitDice Acquiring The LicenseIn the upcoming quarter, we will start the process of acquiring the license, which hopefully will take no more than 4–8 weeks to complete. 2018-06-30 Source
BTM BTMBytom Mainnet Swap, PoW Support"Complete Mainnet swap, PoW support & optimization." 2018-06-30 Source
SGR SGRSugar Exchange Beta Version Launch"Launch beta version of Sugar Exchange," by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
CPAY CPAYCryptopay New Cards AvailableThe new card program will be available for all users around Q2 of 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
AXP AXPaXpire MatchBX Beta Release"Release P2P beta version of aXpire's marketplace, MatchBX ("Matchbox")." 2018-06-30 Source
HIRE HIREHireMatch Public Beta Launch"Public Beta Launch," by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
DEB DEBDebitum Global Expansion"Establishing Debitum Network in the first target country." 2018-06-30 Source
NLC2 NLC2NoLimitCoin No Rake Poker PlatformNo Rake Poker platform release by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
CSC CSCCasinoCoin Bankroll Manager Wallet"Bankroll Manager Wallet Release , Featuring KYC, AML Functionality" 2018-06-30 Source
LCC LCCLitecoin Cash HitBTC ListingLitecoinCash LCC will be listed on hitbtc soon. 2018-06-30 Source
RNS RNSRenos Whitepaper UpdateNew whitepaper will be released. 2018-06-30 Source
VLX VLXVelox 5% Coin Burn - Phase 2"Additional 5% of circulating supply will be burnt." 2018-06-30 Source
PHI PHIPHI Token Platform Beta ReleaseThe Phi Platform release in beta version will be done before the end of Q2. 2018-06-30 Source
STAC STACStarterCoin CoinStarter Labs"Launch of CoinStarter Labs," by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
STARS STARSStarCash Network Mobile Game LaunchStarCash Mobile Game launch for iPhone and Android by end of Q2 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
DMB DMBDigital Money Bits Q2 PlanRoadmap, token swap, new website, exchange listing, masternodes, whitepaper release. 2018-06-30 Source
BZNT BZNTBezant Jehmi Payment PlatformJehmi Billing & Payment Platform. 2018-06-30 Source
EKT EKTEDUCare Main Network Release"Release main network 'multi-chain multi-consensus' version." 2018-06-30 Source
ESZ ESZEtherSportz ESZPlay Launch"For the end of Q2 ESZPlay beta we’ll be able to launch with CS:GO." 2018-06-30 Source
VLX VLXVelox Velox Roadmap Update"Quarterly Roadmap Update," in late June 2018. 2018-06-30 Source
HPB HPBHigh Performance Blockchain Partnership with UnionPay"UnionPay Smart has established a partnership with HPB..tentative launch time for this project is Q3 2018." 2018-07-01 Source
LIVE LIVELive Stars MarketingMarketing department creation. 2018-07-01 Source
INS INSINS Ecosystem INS Tokens Airdrop"All eligible INS token holders’ addresses will be given “stakes” based on the balance of INS tokens.." 2018-07-02 Source
KORE KOREKore Fork"Fix most bugs , 2-6 weeks or earlier. Difficulty change, block time, stake, masternodes rewards increases & few changes." 2018-07-02 Source
EDG EDGEdgeless WGESEdgeless co-founder speaks at the World Gaming Executive Summit in Barcelona from July 3-5. 2018-07-03 Source
APH APHAphelion Dex LaunchAphelion Dex is scheduled to release July 4 according to Aphelion CEO, Ian Holtz. 2018-07-04 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies 2018 TokenSky Conf.2018 TokenSky Blockchain Conference Tokyo Session from July 4-5 in Belle Salle Shiodome, Tokyo. 2018-07-04 Source
LRC LRCLoopring LRN Airdrop to LRC Holder"There will be 3 airdrops, scheduled for July 5th, September 5th, and November 5th." 2018-07-05 Source
LION LIONLion Coin Exchange Platform Launch"Platform MVP launches with selection of coins and tokens." 2018-07-07 Source
WAVES WAVESWaves Summer Road Show LondonWaves presents "Blockchain in Financial Services" in London, discussing blockchain impact on fintech and legacy financial institutions. 2018-07-07 Source
BTCONE BTCONEBitCoin ONE Snapshot"If you have 1000 BitCoin ONE you receive 1000 B ONE Payment after the snapshot." 2018-07-07 Source
UTK UTKUTRUST ClientAPI & Wallet WebAppClient API, Wallet Web App Check your balance & transactions Integration with major eCommerce platforms 2018-07-09 Source
BCN BCNBytecoin Public TestnetPublic testnet planned to be released on July 10th. 2018-07-10 Source
CCRB CCRBCryptoCarbon CCRB Blockchain SummitSubash Manuel, CEO & Founder of CCRB, will be speaking at this year's Blockchain Summit event at SUNTEC, SINGAPORE. 2018-07-10 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies Blockchain World Conf.Harrah's Resort - Atlantic City, NJ. Will take place July 11-13. 2018-07-11 Source
AION AIONAion [TRS] Token Release #8MOAR AION in Circulation! The 8th Release (monthly) of 6.25% of AION Tokens for those who participated in AION's Token Release Schedule. 2018-07-12 Source
BTC BTCBitcoin Super ConferenceJuly 13, 2018 - July 15, 2018. Starting at 8 a.m to 8 p.m Location: 283 Duke Street West, Kitchener ON, Canada. 2018-07-13 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies BitBlockBoom ConferenceBitBlockBoom held in Irving, Texas for Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals from July 13 - 15. 2018-07-13 Source
GOAL GOALGoalBonanza FiFA World Cup JackpotFIFA World Cup finals in Russia. Win the GoalBonanza 1.000.000 USD jackpot prize. 2018-07-15 Source
ELA ELAElastos Video Contest EndElastos video contest closes. 2018-07-15 Source
GRS GRSGroestlcoin Rebranding VoteRebranding vote from July 1st to 15th. 2018-07-15 Source
PLR PLRPillar Pillar (Un)ConferenceWe will have our big conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, July 15th-22nd, at the Vilnius Grand Resort and Spa. 2018-07-15 Source
XMR XMRMonero Global Blockchain Cong.Riccardo Spagni will be a speaker at The Global Blockchain Congress (July 16 - 17, 2018). 2018-07-16 Source
AID AIDAidCoin 7,5% Airdrop"After 6 months: you will receive 7,5% of the tokens bought on token sale and not moved for 6 months." 2018-07-16 Source
BTW BTWBitWhite DAO Module"Creating a DAO module." 2018-07-17 Source
ART ARTMaecenas Christie’s Art & TechMarcelo Garcia Casi (CEO) to participate in panel on "Blockchain in the Art World - Tokenisation and Securitisation" 2018-07-17 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies Distributed 2018Distributed 2018 occurs in San Francisco from July 19-20. 2018-07-19 Source
WAVES WAVESWaves Summer Road Show BerlinWaves presents "Driving Business Value with Smart Contracts" in Berlin, reviewing Smart Contract business opportunities. 2018-07-20 Source
ALIS ALISALIS Token Economy Meetup"ALIS CEO is giving a presentation at 'Token Economy meet up' in Osaka." 2018-07-28 Source
CAS CASCashaa World Blockchain Congress"The Main Goal of this Forum is to create an accessible and a much more Diverse, Policy-oriented Platform ..." 2018-07-29 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies PhillyTech365"Stratis will have a booth and most likely presenting Smart Contracts at PhillyTech365." 2018-07-30 Source
EVR EVREverus P2P MicrofinancingCreation of a blockchain-stored credit-scoring system, lending interface to enable borderless peer-2-peer lending, opening of credit market 2018-07-30 Source
ZRX ZRX0x Launch oOf Protocol V2Launch of V2 with new features including handling new assets like ERC-721 non-fungible token, tokenized securities, derivatives and more. 2018-07-30 Source
LOC LOCLockTrip DAPP/Manager Bridge"Integration of a middle layer app to act as a bridge between hotel channel managers and the DAPP." 2018-07-30 Source
ETC ETCEthereum Classic Emerald SDK ReleaseSidechains support in Emerald Project & Emerald SDK First Release 2018-07-31 Source
ADA ADACardano IELE VM TestnetIELE VM, a register-based machine inspired by LLVM, will be released on testnet between June and July. 2018-07-31 Source
MIOTA MIOTAIOTA STARTUP AUTOBAHN"On Expo Day taking place in July 2018 the partners and network of STARTUP AUTOBAHN will hear about many more joint projects " 2018-07-31 Source
MTN MTNMedicalchain Medical Group Partner"Medicalchain recently announced a partnership with a medical group, that has over 31,000 registered patients. " 2018-07-31 Source
MTN MTNMedicalchain First Application"The pilot, the first application for Medicalchain’s platform, will commence in July 2018." 2018-07-31 Source
DRGN DRGNDragonchain Developer AcademyDragonchain Foundation Developer Academy 2018-07-31 Source
WPR WPRWePower Platform TestingPlatform testing planned in July, 2018. 2018-07-31 Source
AGI AGISingularityNET Beta VersionRelease of the SingularityNET infrastructure beta version by the end of July 2018. 2018-07-31 Source
BBN BBNBanyan Network First Application Online"DVN First Application Online." 2018-07-31 Source
INXT INXTInternxt X Cloud 1.0 Release"After optimizing the functionality and UX of X Cloud, its commercial version will be launched, for iOS and Android." 2018-07-31 Source
POE Revenue Sharing"Multiple owners for a digital asset can share in the profits and licensing revenue from that asset," planned for July 2018. 2018-07-31 Source
NEXO NEXONexo Credit Card Launch"Launch Nexo Credit Card." 2018-07-31 Source
UBQ UBQUbiq ESCH Airdrop #2Escher Token distribution round 2 block 625,600 1:12 ESCH. 2018-07-31 Source
NCT NCTPolySwarm VO.3 Gamma ReleasePolySwarm Gamma will focus on providing matchmaking features that facilitate collaboration between ambassadors, experts, and arbiters. 2018-07-31 Source
CPC CPCCPChain Community Logo DesignIn order to reinforce the connection between the team and the community, CPChain is launching its’ very first Community Logo Design Contest. 2018-07-31 Source
ELA ELAElastos Large Scale ApplicationsLarge-scale applications and projects which dock financial big data services and medical insurance will begin. 2018-07-31 Source
RHOC RHOCRChain RChain TestnetLaunch of the RChain testnet planned for July, 2018. 2018-07-31 Source
BCO BCOBridgeCoin July ReleasesERC-20 token support, IOS and Android mobile app release, and bitUSD and bitCNY support by end of July. 2018-07-31 Source
RCT RCTRealChain TaoDangPu accepts RCTTaoDangPu app to begin accepting RCT to facilitate multiple marketplace applications. 2018-07-31 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies Discon"Join us as we explore emerging research, ideas, tech & culture of digital currency & the distributed web," from August 3-4. 2018-08-03 Source
CAS CASCashaa Blockchain Summit Mumbai"This conference brings together Block Chain technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators..." 2018-08-03 Source
GTC 1:1 Airdrop"We are airdropping half of our total $GTC supply to all $GTC holders 1:1 on August 8th." 2018-08-08 Source
AION AIONAion [TRS] Token Release #9MOAR AION in Circulation! The 9th Release (monthly) of 6.25% of AION Tokens for those who participated in AION's Token Release Schedule. 2018-08-11 Source
CPX CPXApex CPX Wallet First Version"Release first version of CPX Wallet," in late Q2 or early Q3 2018. 2018-08-15 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies Crypto Coin ConferenceCrypto Coin Conference being held in Valley Forge, PA. 2018-08-18 Source
NXT NXTNxt NXT-Ardor-IGNIS HackatonNXT/Ardor “Hackaton blockchain meets Game Jam” at Danube University Krems, Summer 2018 2018-08-24 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies CryptoFriends iGatheringDon’t miss the chance to mingle with some of the top influencers in crypto at our intimate gathering taking place in Malta. 2018-08-24 Source
REBL REBLREBL Wallet For IOSPlanned to have a wallet up and running for iOS users. 2018-08-25 Source
WAX WAXWAX Settlement Contract"Settlement contract," in mid Q3 2018. 2018-08-30 Source
LOC LOCLockTrip Credit Card Support"Credit Card payments support (Fiat-to-LOC as a background process through API connectivity with exchanges)." 2018-08-30 Source
LOC LOCLockTrip Content Improvement"Major content improvement - adding high quality hotels images, descriptions and translation into Chinese and Russian." 2018-08-30 Source
POLL POLLClearPoll ClearPoll Official LaunchFull public launch of ClearPoll app, desktop and additional services. iOS and Android. 2018-08-31 Source
ETC ETCEthereum Classic JIT Compilation"JIT Compilation in SputnikVM." 2018-08-31 Source
SC SCSiacoin Microchain Based CodeIf all goes well, we hope to be writing some microchains based code by the end of the summer. 2018-08-31 Source
DRGN DRGNDragonchain Promotion and PartnershipMarketplace Promotion and Partnerships 2018-08-31 Source
BLZ BLZBluzelle KeplerRelease PaaS and IDE plugins/integrations, smart contracts, access apps, legacy database import/export, node scoring, and health metrics. 2018-08-31 Source
WPR WPRWePower Estonian Tokenization"The full Estonian energy tokenization will be in August. " 2018-08-31 Source
MWAT MWATRED MWAT Country-wide LaunchCountry-wide launch (public) of the RED Platform. 2018-08-31 Source
HOLD HOLDInterstellar Holdings Exchange ReleaseHOLD releasing an Exchange by Q2 2018-08-31 Source
SNM SNMSONM Core IaaS-livenetThis major release will contain all MVP functionality and additional features launched on the Ethereum live network. 2018-08-31 Source
DTR DTRDynamic Trading Rights Mobile App Public LaunchPublic launch of the exchange mobile app. 2018-08-31 Source
ING INGIungo Android ApplicationAndroid application release for convenient network usage. 2018-08-31 Source
WAVES WAVESWaves Summer Road Show MoscowWaves presents "Blockchain for the People" in Moscow, discussing specific applications of blockchain that impact people’s’ lives. 2018-08-31 Source
GOAL GOALGoalBonanza Adding New Soccer LeaguesAdding new leagues: UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and 10 top football leagues. 2018-08-31 Source
ELA ELAElastos Framework - Open Source"The framework for mobile web applications will be published open source, contributing to elastos' application ecology." 2018-08-31 Source
ELLA ELLAEllaism Adding ByzantiumEllaism community has voted to hardfork. Byzantium and WebAssembly will be added to ELLA in August on block number 2,000,000. 2018-08-31 Source
CPC CPCCPChain Masternode DetailsCPChain will announce details on masternode requirements. 2018-08-31 Source
ELA ELAElastos Redesigned WebsiteElastos will be updating their website in the coming weeks and they plan to have a fully redesigned website completed this summer. 2018-08-31 Source
POLY POLYPolymath First Security TokenPolymath will be listing their first security token by the end of August 2018 . 2018-08-31 Source
BCO BCOBridgeCoin Cryptonote Protocol"Cryptonote Protocol Support (Monero, IPBC)," by end of August. 2018-08-31 Source
APPC APPCAppCoins Roll-out To All ClientsApp Store Foundation takes over AppCoins project management. AppCoins roll-out to all Aptoide clients (and other participant app stores). 2018-09-02 Source
KCS KCSKuCoin Shares Founders Able To SellFounders are prohibited to assign or sell their KCS holdings in any way before September 2nd, 2018. 2018-09-02 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies Crypto Finance ConferenceCFC is the world’s first and largest investor conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain investments in Half Moon Bay, California. 2018-09-05 Source
ETH ETHEthereum ETHGlobal HackathonHackathon, workshops and talks in Berlin. 2018-09-07 Source
BTC BTCBitcoin Fork Snapshot"Holders of ZCL and BTC will receive a 1:1 ratio of Anonymous Bitcoin." 2018-09-10 Source
AION AIONAion [TRS] Token Release #10MOAR AION in Circulation! The 10th Release (monthly) of 6.25% of AION Tokens for those who participated in AION's Token Release Schedule. 2018-09-10 Source
ETC ETCEthereum Classic Second Annual Summit"Second Annual Ethereum Classic Summit is Coming to Seoul! September 12-13 in Seoul." 2018-09-12 Source
LTC LTCLitecoin Global Litecoin SummitGlobal Litecoin Summit from Sep 14-15 at South San Francisco Center. 2018-09-14 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies Blockchain & FutureTechBlockchain & FutureTech Expo at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Dallas Convention Center from September 14 - 16. 2018-09-14 Source
REBL REBLREBL X Cart ModuleAll retailers using the X Cart e-commerce platform will now be able to accept REBL as a payment method. 2018-09-15 Source
EVN EVNEnvion First Dividend PayoutEVN token holders will start receiving ETH payments in late summer or early fall. 2018-09-22 Source
RDN RDNRaiden Network Token Red EyesRed Eyes is expected to be released "sometime this summer". 2018-09-22 Source
NPX NPXNaPoleonX First DAFs LaunchDAFs (Decentralized Autonomous Funds) first solution of smart investing dedicated to cryptocurrency holders. 2018-09-23 Source
BTC BTCBitcoin CME: September Last TradeLast trade of Bitcoin futures contract for September 2018, trading terminates at 4 PM GMT. 2018-09-28 Source
ZEC ZECZcash Network Upgrade 1"Sapling will activate the Sapling protocol update, bringing orders of magnitude improvements in both time and memory to shielded transactio 2018-09-30 Source
BTC BTCBitcoin BZX Fork & DistributionHXX & BTC holders receive BitcoinZeroX (BZX) at 1:1 ratio when BTC blockchain is merged with Zero protocol to create BZX fork in Q3, 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
BPT BPTBlockport BPT 2.0 Full ReleaseBlockport 2.0 Full Release. Will support 50+ cryptocurrencies 2018-09-30 Source
DOGE DOGEDogecoin Fork dogecoin"Dogethereum (DOGX) looking to branch off from the Dogecoin chain in fall. " 2018-09-30 Source
CMPCO CMPCOCampusCoin CampusMerchant AcceptanceMobile Device Transactions At Local Stores . This thing is being crowd-advertised by college students - the scale capabilities are huge. 2018-09-30 Source
CMPCO CMPCOCampusCoin CampusCoin App ReleaseStores will have an easy to use app for students and CampusCoin holders. The potential advantages using this app are abundant for students, 2018-09-30 Source
NCASH NCASHNucleus Vision Scale Across India"ION Sensors deployed: 2K Telecom Partnerships: 9 Neuron: Neural Network Persona Users Identified: 1 million" 2018-09-30 Source
TEL TELTelcoin Telcoin Wallet"Our first Telcoin wallet released, to be used as a reference by telecoms and third party developers." 2018-09-30 Source
WAX WAXWAX Robot Cache AirdropWax holders will receive a Robot Cache airdrop (IRON tokens) in Q3. 2018-09-30 Source
WAX WAXWAX Self-Service & Automation"Self-service and automation for Crypto Collectibles," in early Q3 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
WAX WAXWAX Listing Contract"Listing Contract," in early Q3 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
WAX WAXWAX SALT Lending PlatformSALT lending platform to allow WAX tokens as collateral. Q3 is scheduled. 2018-09-30 Source
XMR XMRMonero BulletProof Release"BulletProof (BP) transactions may make it into the september 2018 fork" - Tx size and fees may decrease by 84% 2018-09-30 Source
ESP ESPEspers SiteonChain, Chain AppsESPERS roadmap plans to release ChainApps, CrossChain and SiteOnChain in Q3, 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
DENT DENTDent Dent ExchangeDENT exchange trading desk launched by end of Q3 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
ELIX ELIXElixir Web App Public ReleaseWeb app release for desktop interface by end of Q3, with easy linking between desktop and mobile apps. 2018-09-30 Source
DRGN DRGNDragonchain Incubator Program LaunchLaunch of the Incubator Program with 5 projects. 2018-09-30 Source
KEY KEYSelfkey Wallet Desktop AppAlpha Launch of SelfKey Corporate Identity Wallet desktop app 2018-09-30 Source
NEBL NEBLNeblio Neblio API V2 BetaBased on user-feedback and more, Neblio targets the beta release of the Neblio API Suite v2 for Q3, 2018 2018-09-30 Source
VSX VSXVsync Paper Wallet ReleasePaper wallet release is set for Q3, 2018 2018-09-30 Source
VSX VSXVsync Mobile Wallets ReleaseRelease of Mobile Wallets (Android/iOS) scheduled for release in Q3, 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
1337 1337Elite Game Tournament"Organize first ever Elite game tournament." 2018-09-30 Source
VIBE VIBEVIBE Beta TestingBeta Testing AR apps using existing content & Beta test user created content marketplace 2018-09-30 Source
VIBE VIBEVIBE In-house AR/VR FacilityIn-house production facility completed to produce custom holograms for VR/AR applications 2018-09-30 Source
TRAC TRACOriginTrail Network LaunchOriginTrail Decentralized Network Launch 2018-09-30 Source
BTW BTWBitWhite Decentralized Exchange"Develop and connect own decentralized exchange (DEX)" 2018-09-30 Source
ACT ACTAchain Interconnected NetworkThe technology can not only unify the main and sub-chains but also connect the non-blockchain realities to the blockchain ecosystem. 2018-09-30 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet XSN Multi Currency WalletIn Q3, StakeNet will launch a multi currency wallet. Store and stake all of your coins in one place. 2018-09-30 Source
IOST IOSTIOStoken Document Draft"Releasing IOS smart contract document draft." 2018-09-30 Source
POE Payment will open up payment channels dedicated to supporting frictionless micropayments on its platform. 2018-09-30 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet MN Lightning ChannelsWill give StakeNet a robust backbone to provide instant, private transactions to occur and liquidity on our lightning network. 2018-09-30 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet XSN MN Auto UpdatesStakeNet will incorporate an optional auto update system for our users that allow core team to update nodes automatically. 2018-09-30 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet Launch of StakeNet DEXStakeNet will release the world's first fully decentralized exchange in Q3 operated by MN's, allowing for extra MN profits. 2018-09-30 Source
PIVX PIVXPIVX CDG VoteCommunity Designed Governance - will be voted on, and the winning proposal will be implemented as PIVX’s system of governance. 2018-09-30 Source
COLX COLXColossusCoinXT Merchant IntegrationAs planned in the roadmap, merchant integraton in Q3. 2018-09-30 Source
COLX COLXColossusCoinXT Shared MasternodesShared masternodes, planned to be released in Q3 according to the roadmap. 2018-09-30 Source
ABT ABTArcblock RC1 ReleaseFirst public release candidate for Open Chain Access Protocol (RC1). 2018-09-30 Source
AIX AIXAigang V1.0 Platform ReleaseRelease v1.0. Data providers integrations. API development. Stable/functioning Prediction market. Blockchain environment: Ethereum Mainnet. 2018-09-30 Source
ADX ADXAdEx AdEx Protocol"We are releasing the AdEx protocol. It is a generalized advertising infrastructure that includes smart contracts and our node." 2018-09-30 Source
PCL PCLPeculium ALTERUS DeploymentAlterus, the self-traded asset management with AIEVE (advice on demand) for Corporates. 2018-09-30 Source
MAN MANMatrix AI Network TestnetPublic testnet and partial mainnet release. 2018-09-30 Source
ALQO ALQOALQO Launch Bitfineon ExchangeALQO launches Bitfineon, a regulated European exchange. 2018-09-30 Source
TFD TFDTE-FOOD Seafood Tracking"Fish and seafood tracking will be implemented in TE-FOOD." 2018-09-30 Source
PCL PCLPeculium SINGULUS DeploymentSingulus, the self-traded asset management with AIEVE (advice on demand) for Individuals. 2018-09-30 Source
SALT SALTSALT SALT Foundation Launch"Launch SALT Foundation," by end of Q3 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
ALQO ALQOALQO Payinx LaunchPayinx (a payment gateway, like Paypal) launch, allowing payments with ALQO and connected to Bitfineon Exchange. 2018-09-30 Source
TFD TFDTE-FOOD Blockchain Implementation"Blockchain as a traceability transaction ledger is implemented in the system." 2018-09-30 Source
TFD TFDTE-FOOD Antibiotic Tracking"Animal antibiotics traceability." 2018-09-30 Source
TFD TFDTE-FOOD AI Based Modules"AI based smart pandemic forecasting and alarm modules for the National Livestock Registration system." 2018-09-30 Source
DTA DTADATA Alpha Launch DATA Chain"Alpha launch of DATA Chain and system, integrated inside Yomob's SDK (DATA version). First Go-to-market strategy executed." 2018-09-30 Source
RUPX RUPXRupaya Mobile Wallet BetaBeta versions of mobile wallets will be released to a select group of the community for testing and QC. 2018-09-30 Source
TOMO TOMOTomoChain Q3 ReleasesTomoapp official release with TomoChain integration, reward engine starts on mainnet, APIs for third party bots & app, and wallet released. 2018-09-30 Source
QLC QLCQLINK Q3 Product Releases"Publish telecom public chain trial network/cross-chain protocol, Qlink wallet trial version,QL gateway and QL smart contract API." 2018-09-30 Source
MUSIC MUSICMusicoin Mobile App"Slated to release in Q3 2018, the Musicoin app offers listeners and musicians alike new ways to discover music and interact with artists." 2018-09-30 Source
OTN OTNOpen Trading Network OTN.x release"TON.x technology launch" 2018-09-30 Source
VOISE VOISEVoise Coinomi IntegrationVOISE integrates with Coinomi. 2018-09-30 Source
WPR WPRWePower Breeze v2 Public ReleaseBreeze V2 public release in September 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
ECA ECAElectra Master NodesDeploy Master Nodes on the ECA Network. 2018-09-30 Source
ECA ECAElectra Payment/MerchantPayment gateway integration phase 2 - Further online merchant payment API/Gateway development. 2018-09-30 Source
VOISE VOISEVoise New Whitepaper v0.3Whitepaper v0.3 published. 2018-09-30 Source
QASH QASHQASH Direct Market Access"Direct Market Access," by end of Q3 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
SWTH SWTHSwitcheo ERC20 TradingLaunch of ERC20 trading by end of Q3 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
THETA THETATheta Token P2P Mesh StreamingCurrently, the mesh streaming prototype is built on top of WebRTC, HTML5/Web player, which is easy to integrate and deploy. 2018-09-30 Source
THETA THETATheta Token Wallet ClientThe wallet will be a secure, multi-platform wallet for sending and receiving Theta protocol-related currency. 2018-09-30 Source
KEY KEYSelfkey PartnershipsPartnership work with governments and utility providers begins. 2018-09-30 Source
XN XNNodium Zerocoin LaunchZerocoin launch by end of Q3 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
HAT HATHawala.Today Hawala Exchange Goes LiveOfficial Release of the Hawala Exchange which will even bring Fiat gateways in the future. 2018-09-30 Source
SS SSSharder Sharder Hub"WRTnode micro miner, storage client terminal" 2018-09-30 Source
LIVE LIVELive Stars Platform RedesignLive Stars are going to redisign streaming platform during September. 2018-09-30 Source
NXS NXSNexus Nexus ConferenceAnastasiya (Community Coordinator) stated Nexus will have a conference at the end of September. 2018-09-30 Source
DEB DEBDebitum Debitum Network 1.0 Test"Testing and auditing Debitum Network 1.0 before the public launch." 2018-09-30 Source
HOLD HOLDInterstellar Holdings Website Improvement"New improved website." 2018-09-30 Source
REQ REQRequest Network Colosseum ReleasesBy end of Q3 2018, release escrow tax, down payment, and late fees extensions, as well as a reputation offchain layer . 2018-09-30 Source
RHOC RHOCRChain Launch Of Name RegistryLaunch of Rchain's name registry is set for September, 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
SPC SPCSpaceChain Node LaunchA new node launch might occur in September 2018-09-30 Source
ACC ACCAccelerator Network Capacity Increase"The Accelerator Network will be increased 10x to decrease wait times and lower per teraflop hour pricing." 2018-09-30 Source
SGR SGRSugar Exchange Exchange Launch"Sugar Exchange launches," by end of Q3 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
HIRE HIREHireMatch Public Release Candidate"Public release candidate launch," by end of Q3 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
VLX VLXVelox VeloxBolt Release"Official Public Release," by end of September 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
BZNT BZNTBezant Bezant BlockchainBezant Blockchain planned to be released in Q3. 2018-09-30 Source
EKT EKTEDUCare Public Network Test"Public network test completed. Developers can publish tokens through smart contracts." 2018-09-30 Source
EKT EKTEDUCare AWM Release"Release smart contract new language AWM." 2018-09-30 Source
XFE XFEFeirm Marketing Campaign"Launch of the Feirm Marketing campaign to bring an insight on consumer application and promote the technology behind it" by end of Q3 2018. 2018-09-30 Source
LSK LSKLisk Decentralised ExchangeDecentralized exchange trading planned to be released at the end of October. 2018-10-01 Source
XLM XLMStellar Lightning Network Beta"State channels on Stellar livenet + Lightning Network beta." 2018-10-01 Source
LOC LOCLockTrip Global Air Travel Service"Launch of Global Air Travel Service with 0% Commission." 2018-10-01 Source
AION AIONAion [TRS] Token Release #11MOAR AION in Circulation! The 2nd Release (monthly) of 6.25% of AION Tokens for those who participated in AION's Token Release Schedule. 2018-10-10 Source
AID AIDAidCoin 12,5% Airdrop"After 9 months: you will receive 12,5% of the tokens bought on token sale and not moved for 9 months." 2018-10-16 Source
POWR POWRPower Ledger Extreme Tech ChallengeUpdate: The final round of the @ExTechChallenge (XTC) will now take place on October 19, 2018 on Richard Branson's Necker Island. 2018-10-19 Source
ENJ ENJEnjin Coin Unite Los Angeles"Unite Los Angeles, October 23–25, 2018 JW Marriott and the Orpheum Theater." 2018-10-23 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies UN Blockchain ConferenceBlockchains for Sustainable Development is an event taking place at the UNCTAD World Investment Forum on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018. 2018-10-24 Source
EVR EVREverus AltCoin RepositoriesATM's of Cryptocurrencies running on our own payments network.Everus will appoint issuing partners to: Issue and distribute debit cards. 2018-10-30 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies Devcon4Devcon’s purpose-to serve the global community of Ethereum developers, designers and ecosystem-builders to connect, learn and share. 2018-10-30 Source
DRGN DRGNDragonchain Azure EnvironmentLaunch of the Commercial Azure Environment. 2018-10-31 Source
MED MEDMediBloc MediBloc Platform Beta"More advanced form of platform will be come out. MediBloc Core corresponding to Data Network will be released." 2018-10-31 Source
POE Asset Marketplace"The content marketplace launches with 20+ integrated publishers," by end of October 2018. 2018-10-31 Source
UBQ UBQUbiq ESCH Airdrop #3Escher Token distribution round 3 block 625,600 1:12 ESCH. 2018-10-31 Source
MWAT MWATRED MWAT World ExpansionStart of world expansion (public) planned for October 2018. 2018-10-31 Source
EVE EVEDevery Launch Of iOs AppLaunch of Devery app on iOs according to their roadmap 2018-10-31 Source
TES TESTeslaCoin Android & iOS WalletsTeslacoin is going to release their wallets for Android and iOS. 2018-10-31 Source
GOAL GOALGoalBonanza Public Mobile App ReleaseReleasing public mobile app and launching community support. 2018-10-31 Source
LIVE LIVELive Stars Beta 2.0Beta 2.0 release and model department creation. 2018-10-31 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies World Crypto ConferenceWorld Crypto Con is a one of a kind crypto conference that will fully immerse you in education, entertainment, and excitement. 2018-10-31 Source
AION AIONAion [TRS] Token Release #12The 12th & Final Release of the 6.25% of AION Tokens will be distributed from the [TRS] Token Release Schedule! It's Thanks "AION" Giving! 2018-11-09 Source
WAX WAXWAX Rating Contract"Rating contract," in first half of Q4 2018. 2018-11-15 Source
REBL REBLREBL Ubercart ModuleRetailers who have a shop based on the Ubercart e-commerce platform can now accept payments witg REBL 2018-11-15 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies Crypto Con AmsterdamCryptoCon will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands on November 23-25. 2018-11-23 Source
CAT CATBitClave BlockchainExpo N.AmericaAlex Bessonov, the CEO of BitClave will be speaking at BlockchainExpo North America 2018-11-28 Source
GVT GVTGenesis Vision GVT @ London FX Week 2018Genesis Vision sponsors largest B2B event of Forex industry in London during Nov 2018. 2018-11-29 Source
ETC ETCEthereum Classic Full IOT CompatibilityFully IoT-compatible infrastructure of ETC 2018-11-30 Source
BTW BTWBitWhite Connecting Sidechain"Connecting Sidechain + Secure Sandbox. Opportunity to create decentralized applications on the BTW platform." 2018-11-30 Source
BAX BAXBABB App LaunchApp launch by end of Nov 2018. 2018-11-30 Source
WPR WPRWePower WePower Expanding"WePower operational in Spain, Estonia and Australia." 2018-11-30 Source
BTW BTWBitcoin White Connecting SidechainConnecting the sidechain and secure sandbox. 2018-11-30 Source
XVC XVCVcash Community Web PlatformCommunity Web Platform Full (Media publishing platform, Governance, Decentralized REITs) 2018-11-30 Source
STK STKSTK Fiat / Crypto Beta LaunchUS beta launch with fiat and crypto. 2018-11-30 Source
WPR WPRWePower First Public AuctionFirst public auction on WePower platform. 2018-11-30 Source
LOC LOCLockTrip Marketplace Translation"Translating 100% of marketplace content into French, Spanish and Portuguese." 2018-11-30 Source
XLM XLMStellar Lightning Network Livenet"Lightning Network on Stellar livenet." 2018-12-01 Source
CRYPTO CRYPTOCryptocurrencies Digital Solar & StorageDigital Solar & Storage unites key European stakeholders in solar, energy storage and digitalisation from Dec 4-15 in Munich, Germany. 2018-12-04 Source
STORM STORMStorm Storm DropAirdrop for unsold tokens to encourage wider mass adoption. 2018-12-07 Source
REBL REBLREBL Yo!Kart ModuleRetailers who have a shop based on the Yo!Kart e-commerce platform will be able to accept payments with REBL 2018-12-15 Source
WAX WAXWAX Guild VotingGuild Voting feature will be released in Q4, 2018 2018-12-30 Source
BTW BTWBitWhite Connecting The DAPP Store"Connecting the DAPP Store." 2018-12-30 Source
TFD TFDTE-FOOD Extended Marketplace"TE-FOOD Marketplace extends logistical and food safety data, with trading possibilities with conditional smart contracting possibility." 2018-12-31 Source
RUPX RUPXRupaya Mobile Wallet ReleaseiOS & Android wallets will be released to the wider community! 2018-12-31 Source
QLC QLCQLINK Q4 Product Releases"Publish telecom public chain, publish Qlink Wallet, update development guideline and launch Qlink Basestation." 2018-12-31 Source
PFR PFRPayfair Application Integration"Integration of further applications," during Q3 and Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
TOMO TOMOTomoChain Q4 ReleasesExternal parties TomoChain solution, smart contract templates, decentralized exchange integration, and plasma framework smart contracts. 2018-12-31 Source
SHIFT SHIFTShift Business WhitepaperThis last and final white paper will present the main contents of the three preceding white papers in a less technical. 2018-12-31 Source
EXRN EXRNEXRNchain EXRT Network TestnetEXRT network testnet with EXRNchain gateway in Q3\Q4 2018. Building EXRT testnet with smart contracts\dApps. 2018-12-31 Source
DTA DTADATA Closed Beta LaunchClosed Beta launch of DATA on Yomob platform with most of its developers. 2018-12-31 Source
GAT GATGatcoin System Full LaunchGAT system full launch in December 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
SHIFT SHIFTShift Technical WhitepaperThe Technical White Paper is intended for a developer audience. Its content will be closer in nature to a Blue paper. 2018-12-31 Source
THETA THETATheta Token Public Devnet / MainnetWe will launch the Native Theta network on our new blockchain. Current Theta ERC20 tokens will be exchanged 1:1 for Theta blockchain tokens. 2018-12-31 Source
QASH QASHQASH Prime Brokerage Offering"Prime Brokerage Offering," by end of Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
NLC2 NLC2NoLimitCoin Beta Test Debit cardIn Q4 2018 the first beta test with NLC2 powered debit card will be available. 2018-12-31 Source
SENC SENCSentinel Chain CrossPay Release"CrossPay will go live in the first unbanked market." 2018-12-31 Source
SOC SOCAll Sports Beta Version ReleasedBeta version goes online and is open to users 2018-12-31 Source
SS SSSharder Multi-Chain Mining"Deploy Sharder Protocol on Conch network and Qtum Blockchain and private cloud" 2018-12-31 Source
ING INGIungo Beta Software PackageLaunch of beta which will include a billing layer. Focus on SME and enterprise sales as well as attracting consumers. 2018-12-31 Source
XN XNNodium DEX LaunchLaunch of Nodium Decentralized Exchange planned for Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
RHOC RHOCRChain RChain MainnetThe launch of Rchain's Mainnet is set for December, 2018. Please note that this can be changed. 2018-12-31 Source
ELA ELAElastos Elastos Chain Mining"The mining of elastos Chain and elastos ID Chain by external nodes will be open and accessible." 2018-12-31 Source
LOC LOCLockTrip 2Nd App Onboarding"On-boarding second application to the decentralized engine." 2018-12-31 Source
SHIP SHIPShipChain Web Platform V1 Release"Track & Trace platform allows carriers to develop their own sidechains. The first version of the ShipChain web platform is released." 2018-12-31 Source
PIX PIXLampix Database CompletionCompletion of the Lampix Database with one billion data sets. 2018-12-31 Source
BDG BDGBitDegree Sponsor Platform LaunchSponsor platform development and launch by end of December. 2018-12-31 Source
BZNT BZNTBezant Bezant AuthenticationBezant Authentication planned to be released in Q4. 2018-12-31 Source
BZNT BZNTBezant Blockchain WalletBlockchain Wallet planned to be released in Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
BZNT BZNTBezant Jehmi Marketing PlatformJehmi Marketing Platform planned to be released in Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
SLT SLTSmartlands Asset Backed Tokens"We consider 3-5 ABT (Asset Backed Tokens) offerings by the end of 2018 as expected scenario." 2018-12-31 Source
ETC ETCEthereum Classic Upgrade EVMUpgrade EVM (new opcodes and optimizations) 2018-12-31 Source
XLM XLMStellar SDEXThe Stellar Decentralized Exchange will be the world-class front-end that our underlying technology has long deserved. 2018-12-31 Source
GVT GVTGenesis Vision App Version 1.0 LaunchIn Q4 2018, Genesis Vision will launch app version 1.0. 2018-12-31 Source
NCASH NCASHNucleus Vision Southeast Asia Scaling"ION Sensors deployed: 5K Telecom Partnerships: 14 Neuron: Dynamic Campaign Platform Users Identified: 4 million" 2018-12-31 Source
KMD KMDKomodo Full Rebrand 2.0Full Rebrand 2.0 - 2nd half of 2018 2018-12-31 Source
FUN FUNFunFair Release Reporting ToolsFunFair will be releasing comprehensive operator reporting and administration tools. 2018-12-31 Source
WAX WAXWAX WAX Blockchain TokensHolders of the original token will receive the new token  and keep their existing ERC-20 token. 2018-12-31 Source
MUSIC MUSICMusicoin ROCKI Partnership"Each device is assigned a unique wallet address pre-loaded with $10 worth of Musicoin [...] by the end of 2018" 2018-12-31 Source
CMT CMTCyberMiles CyberMiles v1.0 Launch"5xlab to launch v1.0 of CyberMiles" 2018-12-31 Source
LINDA LINDALinda Desktop & Mobile WalletDesktop and mobile wallet app will be released to the public. 2018-12-31 Source
DRGN DRGNDragonchain Full PlatformFull Platform and Incubator roll out. 2018-12-31 Source
KEY KEYSelfkey Desktop App BetaBeta launch of SelfKey desktop app 2018-12-31 Source
LEND LENDETHLend Other Altcoin LendingEthLend will add other altcoins & tokens for lending. 2018-12-31 Source
NEBL NEBLNeblio API Suite V2Implementation and delivery of Neblio API Suite v2 for enterprise customers. 2018-12-31 Source
ZIL ZILZilliqa Anchor Dapp ReleaseZIL anchor Dapp release by end of Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
WAN WANWanchain Wanchain 3.0Wanchain 3.0 - Integration with Bitcoin, Multi-Coin Wallet. 2018-12-31 Source
BLZ BLZBluzelle EinsteinRelease NoSQL documents, document collections with indices and partitions, and global and batch CRUD operations. 2018-12-31 Source
VIBE VIBEVIBE Full Platform ReleaseRelease to all VR/AR hardware platforms 2018-12-31 Source
GVT GVTGenesis Vision B2C Marketing CampaignMarketing B2C campaign launches to attract private investors and traders to platform, which will enter active phase in early 2019. 2018-12-31 Source
AMB AMBAmbrosus Mainnet V 2.0An enterprise-ready blockchain solution that powers dozens of real-world applications 2018-12-31 Source
AGI AGISingularityNET Infrastructure ReleaseRelease of a fully functional version of the SingularityNET infrastructure by the end of 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
DCN DCNDentacoin Insurance Testnet LaunchQ4 - 2018 - Dentacoin will release the Insurance Testnet 2018-12-31 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet DAPPS on XSN blockchainDAPPS will be built on the XSN blockchain in Q4. 2018-12-31 Source
IOST IOSTIOStoken V0.7 NikeDeployment of HUDS and supporting modules to testnet. 2018-12-31 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet Swaps Executed by MNXSN will trustlessly handle cross chain light swaps utilizing MN quorums and autonomously swap rewards into our XSN multi currency wallet. 2018-12-31 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet XSN MN WatchtowersMN Watchtowers are the backbone of our cross chain ecosystem and will allow for higher workload and extra profits for masternode owners. 2018-12-31 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet On Chain Scaling/ShardingStakeNet will incorporate sharding to raise tx throughputs allowed by the off chain lightning network to accomplish many of our goals. 2018-12-31 Source
XZC XZCZCoin Node PeersEncrypted communication between node peers 2018-12-31 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet XSN Enhanced PrivacyXSN will upgrade privacy in the StakeNet Ecosystem for our DEX, Staking Platform, and Multicurrency wallets solutions. 2018-12-31 Source
WPR WPRWePower Energy DistributionDistribution of donated energy to token holders. December, 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet Cold Storage ExchangingXSN will implement cold storage exchanging, to execute trades and convert assets with complete security provided by hardware wallets. 2018-12-31 Source
XSN XSNStakeNet XSN Enabling CCPoSStakeNet (XSN) will implement Cross Chain Proof of Stake, allowing you to stake coin X and receive rewards in coin X, Y or Z. 2018-12-31 Source
SWTH SWTHSwitcheo WAN Cross-Swap FeatureCross-swap feature using SWH and Wanchain by end of Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
BPT BPTBlockport BPT 3.0 Beta ReleaseBlockport beta 3.0 will be released, supporting most popular ERC-20 tokens(100+). Full ownership for our members to store funds "on-chain". 2018-12-31 Source
TKY TKYTHEKEY MainNet LaunchIn December, TKY will launch their main net bringing a decentralized ecosystem of identity verification backed by the Chinese Government. 2018-12-31 Source
PIVX PIVXPIVX U2F IntegrationAccess to your PIVX wallet can be protected by both password and U2F security key, effectively protecting against hackers and keylogger. 2018-12-31 Source
FUEL FUELEtherparty Release ThreeContract Templates And Library, Front end Updates, Mobile App, Team Features 2018-12-31 Source
PIVX PIVXPIVX I2P NetworkI2P is an anonymizing network that uses a fully decentralized peer-to-peer model. 2018-12-31 Source
NAS NASNebulas V.2 & SE Function ReleaseV. 2.0 Self-evolution Function Release 2018-12-31 Source
PIVX PIVXPIVX Elastic Block SizesBlock size adjusts on demand to ensure the fastest transactions possible, even during peak periods and network attacks. 2018-12-31 Source
PIVX PIVXPIVX Dandelion ProtocolDandelion Protocol makes senders’ IP addresses virtually untraceable. 2018-12-31 Source
POA POAPOA Network Multiple PoA NetworksOracles Networks becomes a platform with multiple PoA networks connected by interledger protocols. 2018-12-31 Source
MANA MANADecentraland Open VR-world for PublicOpening of the Decentraland virtual reality metaverse (VR-world, Genesis city) for all users. 2018-12-31 Source
PCL PCLPeculium AIEVE goes LIVEPeculium’s AIEVE is the first-ever Artificially intelligent trading engine developed for cryptocurrency markets. 2018-12-31 Source
COLX COLXColossusCoinXT Launch MarketplaceA marketplace to buy and sell products and services with COLX will be launched in Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
PCL PCLPeculium Apps for Mobile PlatformApplications for Mobile Platform (Android, iOS). 2018-12-31 Source
PCL PCLPeculium Real-time DashboardFree platform with basic analytics tools for individuals, for Corporates: add. features/access to ML tools. 2018-12-31 Source
PCL PCLPeculium LaunchICO and Crypto-Rating Agency Launch. 2018-12-31 Source
PCL PCLPeculium Native Wallet ReleasePECULIUM Native Wallet Release. 2018-12-31 Source
COLX COLXColossusCoinXT Launch NetworksMultiple anonymity-centric networks (such as TOR/I2P network) and stealth adresses will be implemented in Q4 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
AIX AIXAigang V2.0 Platform ReleaseRelease v2.0. Machine learning, real-time pricing algorithm, analytical platform, tokenised Insurance risk pools. 2018-12-31 Source
TIO TIOTrade Token is an exchange that will be trading assets other than cryptos too. So it's having an IPO in December of 2018. 2018-12-31 Source
SHIFT SHIFTShift Financial WhitepaperThis paper will present the academic findings of our research collaboration for developing Shift’s smart revenue model. 2018-12-31 Source
REBL REBLREBL Zen Cart ModuleRetailers that have a shop based on the Zen Cart e-commerce platform will be able to accept REBL 2019-01-15 Source
CV CVcarVertical API Product LaunchAPI product planned to launch around January 2019. 2019-01-31 Source
WPR WPRWePower Further Expansion"Further expansion," in Jan 2019. 2019-01-31 Source
UBQ UBQUbiq ESCH Airdrop #4Escher token distribution round 4. 2019-01-31 Source
WPR WPRWePower Balancing & Regulation"Stage 2: Balancing and frequency regulation," in Feb 2019. 2019-02-28 Source
POE E-book platform is set to release an open source e-book metadata format, similar to, but less expensive than today's ISBN codes. 2019-02-28 Source
TBAR TBARTitanium BAR VORDEX ReleaseVORDEX to be released on February 28th. 2019-02-28 Source
NCASH NCASHNucleus Vision North American LaunchThe launch of Nucleus' product in North America is scheduled for Q1, 2019 with an estimated 25,000 ION sensors deployed. 2019-03-31 Source
IOST IOSTIOStoken V0.9 HermesDeploying IOSVM to the testnet. 2019-03-31 Source
BPT BPTBlockport BPT 3.0 Full ReleaseBlockport 3.0 will be fully released for all members, supporting most popular cryptocurrencies and tokens. 2019-03-31 Source
PCL PCLPeculium SOLIDUS DeploymentSolidus: your funds fully managed by AIEVE with capital guaranteed, access for Individuals & Corporates. 2019-03-31 Source
AIX AIXAigang V3.0 Platform ReleaseRelease v3.0. Insurance Investments OTC trading platform, Insurance products development SDK. 2019-03-31 Source
UTK UTKUTRUST 1000+ MerchantsPlatform Refinements & Expansion. 1000+ Merchants. Progressive hiring of mediators. 2019-03-31 Source
EXRN EXRNEXRNchain EXRNchain Alpha ReleaseAlpha release of EXRNchain 0.1 on the testnet. Alpha testing, audition of issues. 2019-03-31 Source
ING INGIungo Multi Cell ServiceMulti cell service gateway communications and independent providers scale globally. 2019-03-31 Source
BZNT BZNTBezant Bezant ScanBezant Scan to be released in Q1 2019. 2019-03-31 Source
BZNT BZNTBezant Jehmi PayJehmi Pay planned to be released in Q1 2019. 2019-03-31 Source
BZNT BZNTBezant Jehmi Mobile WalletJehmi Mobile Wallet planned to be released in Q1 2019. 2019-03-31 Source
IOST IOSTIOStoken Security AuditTesting and security audit of the IOS network. 2019-06-30 Source
NCASH NCASHNucleus Vision Scale Retail Phase"ION Sensors deployed: 55K Telecom Partnerships: 26 Neuron: O2O Attribution Users Identified: 33 million" 2019-06-30 Source
AIX AIXAigang V4.0 Platform ReleaseRelease v4.0. Fully autonomous Insurance DAO. 2019-06-30 Source
EXRN EXRNEXRNchain EXRNchain Beta ReleaseBeta version of EXRNchain is released on the public EXRT testnet, connecting with public testnets of other blockchains. 2019-06-30 Source
ING INGIungo Secure LayerSecure layer overlay from router to destination via optional VPN services providing enhanced security, anonymity and freedom from censorship 2019-06-30 Source
IOST IOSTIOStoken V1.0 AthenaOfficial release of the IOS network. 2019-09-30 Source
NCASH NCASHNucleus Vision Physical Security"ION Sensors deployed: 85K Telecom Partnerships: 40 Neuron: Directive controls Users Identified: 54 million" 2019-09-30 Source
PRL PRLOyster JavaScript DAppsAfter the web node mesh net has matured, decentralized JavaScript applications can be easily written and executed on the Oyster network. 2019-12-31 Source
HPB HPBHigh Performance Blockchain V2.0 LaunchAfter two years of development, HPB will launch the official version. 2019-12-31 Source
WAN WANWanchain Wanchain 4.0 ReleaseWanchain 4.0, which introduces private chains integration and multi-coin wallet, released in Dec 2019. 2019-12-31 Source
IOST IOSTIOStoken DApps LaunchDApps launched to IOS network. 2019-12-31 Source
IOST IOSTIOStoken Network OptimizationOptimization with Machine Learning Implementation. 2019-12-31 Source
NCASH NCASHNucleus Vision Preventive Controls"ION Sensors deployed: 130K Telecom Partnerships: 45 Neuron: Preventive controls Users Identified: 90 million" 2019-12-31 Source
ING INGIungo B2B PartnershipsBusiness partnerships with legacy Enterprises and new DAOs. Expansion through integration/synergies with other Dapps. 2019-12-31 Source
CMPCO CMPCOCampusCoin Campuscoin ATMsInstallation of CampusCoin ATMs will be available, allowing nearly instant, direct transfers between CampusCoin and fiat currency 2020-12-31 Source
KCS KCSKuCoin Shares 70M locked KCS releasedThe 70M KCS issued by the founders in the first phase should be subject to a four-year lock-up period from Sep 2nd, 2017 to Sep 2nd 2021. 2021-09-01 Source